The Record Shop, Episode #3, "The Dean Martin Record"

"The Shop follows the day-to-day life of Louis, its one and only clerk. His daily interactions with the regular and one-time customers often resembles group therapy mixed with a southern revival. Freaks, geeks, enthusiasts, and tools, Lewis not only sells music, but often solves the world's problems... in theory, anyway." --Chris Pomeroy

The Record Shop, Anytown, USA

Shopper with glasses enters the store, rummages through the used record bin.

Dude, sitting at counter, reading Life: A User's Manual, by Georges Perec.

Shopper: Do you have this song by Dean Martin on LP? I can't remember the name of it.

Dude: We can take a look.

A few minutes later..

Dude: Nope...but I can order it for you.

Shopper: I really love this song, it might be my favorite song of all time, but I want it on vinyl. But I can't take my record player out for a run."

Dude: Well...why don't you get the CD now...that way you can have it for your DiscMan, so you can take it running. I can order the record for you so you can have it for those sweet cocktail parties you must be throwing.

Shopper: That's a great idea. Thanks, man.

Dude: Sure. No problem.