The Red Backpack for Overflowing Love

I went for an interview for a teaching position. The attractive, creamy, light-black skinned woman who interviewed me fascinated me even before she abruptly told me her wonderful love story.

Soft spoken, yet obviously smart and successful, she was wearing a rather short red dress, a light, flowy black wrap, knee-high black boots and a long, chunky necklace of cosmetic pearls, knotted casually.

The interview was great and i knew I had the job. i can't remember exactly how we started talking about love, but I think she mentioned her boyfriend. I am the ultimate tell-me-more, especially when I know its going to be good.

She told me her love story and I was there in her office for another hour. She had a sparkle about her, which I assumed was due to her passion for the charter school that she was a big part of, but I soon realized she was in love.

She liked her science professor at college some forty years ago and they had a mutual attraction, but she said they never crossed the proverbial line. She never married and has lived her whole life at home in the small town she was born in. Her parents have passed, but she will never move.

This is her forever home. Over the years she thought about the professor, but he had gone on to medical school and she has had a long career in education.

About three years ago he called her. She wasn't hard to find: she still has her parents' landline and the same cell number on the only cell phone she has ever owned. He said he wanted to get to know her....

He came to her house and fell in love with her and her home - a modest home full of loving memories and many years of comfort. He told her that he has travelled the world, but has never felt so at home. He said he never imagined he would wind up in a small southern town. Now retired from his urology practice, he is trying to sell his home in Nashville. He cares for his 90 year-old mom in another small town in the same state where she lives. They see each other on weekends. He is 71 and she is the younger woman at age 67. They know they need to make the most of their time together, but he is the only sibling who can care for their mother and she has a post-retirement career and her cozy home.

He stays over with her in her home as much as possible. His mother loves her. When he leaves in the morning, he lingers deliberately. trying to look nonchalant, but she knows he doesn't want to go. He told her he has never been in love before, and now he is open about his love for her - poetic, romantic, corny in love. He is going to buy her a red backpack to hold his overflowing love.