The Red Cup Controversy

Every time I open up my browser to check up on the news I instantly see the controversy of the new Starbucks' cups. Rather than discussing the heartbreaking school shootings that have taken place or the amazing people that are working towards making change for the better, everyone is focusing on the issue of Starbucks. Recently this year, because of many complaints previous years, Starbucks has made the decision to change their holiday cup. In the past, it was a red cup with many Christmas/winter designs to represent the upcoming holiday. Instead, it is now a simple red cup with their logo in green writing.

Starbucks' reasoning for changing their cup this year is that it will allow customers to add their own type of design and not exclude people of different religions who may not celebrate Christmas. People in the past have complained that their cups were strictly geared to those who celebrate Christmas, so this is Starbucks' effort to change that. There has also been discussion that the company also has hopes that this simple cup will go along nicely with their quiet and tranquil atmosphere, rather than an overwhelming amount of drawings.

However, now many people are arguing that this is ruining their Christmas spirit and that it is taking away from the holiday season. There are also many accusations going around that the company "does not believe in Jesus" and are doing it because they "hate Christmas." Even presidential candidate Donald Trump weighed in on the controversy saying, "maybe we should sue the company." The company is still keeping their holiday flavors to serve during the seasons, which will certainly not exclude different types of religions.

Although people will argue that this is "stripping the holiday spirit," there is so much more to the holidays than this cup, regardless of what you choose to celebrate. The holidays are supposed to be about spending time with the people you love and feeling thankful about what you have in life. The idea that people could let this singular cup have the power to ruin their holidays is something that should never happen. The holidays should involve picking out your Christmas tree and decorating it with your family, lighting the menorah with the ones you love, or however you may choose to celebrate - the bottom line is it should not rely on a cup from a coffee shop.
There are so many stories that are full of love and helpfulness that become overlooked because people are choosing to debate over something so small. For example, recently this month actress Blake Lively is using her Instagram page and the hash tag #WCW to empower successful women who are making a difference in this world. Every week she has been uploading pictures of women who may not be famous but deserve to be for all of the amazing changes they have been making to help make this world a better place. Stories such as these are not receiving the amount of attention that they deserve to because smaller, less important ones are taking over the news. If everyone put as much effort into making a change in this world as they do in debating about a coffee cup, there would be far less children without presents, or less homeless without meals.

There are so many people in this world who are not given the opportunity to celebrate any type of holiday whatsoever. There are the people who cannot afford to take part in any of it, the ones who do not have love ones to turn to and celebrate with, or especially the ones who are overseas fighting for our country, rather than spending it with the ones they love. Rather than acknowledging that this is something that is reoccurring in our society, people are choosing to have outbursts about this cup from Starbucks.

If the worst thing that is happening in people's lives is that Starbucks changed their coffee cup, than it is quite obvious that they have a pretty amazing life. To all of the people out there who do not believe that Starbucks made the right decision about changing their cups because it is "ruining the holiday season," I strongly encourage you to take that money you are about to spend on your five-dollar latte and use it to donate to a Christmas charity. Lets all agree to move on from this less relevant controversy and focus on the good during this wonderful time of year.