The Red Wedding Might've Been Even Sadder Than You Thought

One thing you didn't know makes it even worse.

The North remembers that having a wedding in “Game of Thrones” is a terrible idea.

In Season 5, Sansa and Ramsay's union led to a controversial wedding night, Joffrey totally "choked" when it came to his big day and then, of course, there's the saddest wedding of them all: the Red Wedding. Well, now it turns out that moment may have been even worse.

The Theory: Robb Stark warged into Grey Wind and was killed twice.

In George R.R. Martin's fifth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Dance With Dragons, it's heavily hinted that Jon Snow wargs into his direwolf Ghost before he dies at the hands of the Night's Watch. Among the clues, Snow's final word is his direwolf's name.

“Ghost,” he whispered.

As the Night's Watch stabs Jon, there's a line that says, "He never felt the fourth knife." This leads many fans to believe that Jon didn't feel the knife because he had already warged out of his body when he said his direwolf's name.

Well, you might want to sit down for this. In the books, Robb Stark's last words were his direwolf's name, too. 

Robb grabbed the edge of the table and forced himself to stand. “Mother,” he said, “Grey Wind...”

It's largely believed that all the Stark kids could warg into their direwolves. In the books, we get evidence that Jon, Bran and Arya can do it. And, though they're non-point-of-view characters, the strong link between Rickon and Robb and their wolves hints they have the ability as well. 

Because of this, and the fact that Grey Wind is killed shortly after Robb, as user joluoto explains on the asoiaf.westeros forums, "It's very possible the Freys killed Rob twice."

At a recent "Outlander" press junket, The Huffington Post asked actor Tobias Menzies, who plays Edmure Tully on "Game of Thrones," for his thoughts on the theory about Robb, and the actor was into the idea.

"That sounds like a really good theory. It sounds like a nice idea. I hope it’s true," Menzies said.

The actor also revealed to HuffPost that he's coming back for Season 6 of the show. "I'm not allowed to say an details, but, yes, I have done some filming with them," he added.

So if you're still mad about what happened to Robb (who isn't?), don't worry. Menzies/ Edmure coming back means the show will likely explore the Lannister/ Frey siege of Riverrun. If that's the case, we could also start hearing stories about Lady Stoneheart, since you learn more about her during the siege storyline in the book. Stoneheart is a zombified version of Catelyn Stark who is hellbent on taking out anyone associated with the Red Wedding.

If that happens, the Lannisters may soon learn that all men must die. It's just that in Robb Stark's case, all men must die twice.



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