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The Reflection in the Mirror

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I have never felt at ease with the human race. I probably have never felt at ease with myself as a human being. Being human is something I have often taken for granted, but as I look around me at the many refugees who huddle in parks and implore with their eyes, or read about the deaths of millions around the world, I am driven more and more into the depths of psyche in search for truth.

Truth is not easy to come by and my truth is not the truth of millions of people who share this planet with me however, I share what I found just yesterday, as I caught my reflection in the mirror. If I be truthful I am not sure where I belong. Can I call home a country I live in, when I know the devastation of a natural disaster can send me in search of another? What about the grubby fists of a young child, wet through, who huddles in his mother's lap, in search for a home? Has he not found it already or is it not enough? What truth can be found in millions of people who are homeless, seeking out refuge -- wondering how they will survive and where they are going? What truth can be found in that which divides us so, that we cannot accept the belief systems of another?

The impermanence of this world catches my eye as I look at the reflection of myself and others in the mirror. All I can see are reminders of the devastating effects of not wanting to move within, to face the shadow self and embrace it and acknowledge it, instead of projecting it onto the outside world. We have made so much progress as a human race on many different levels, but the truth is that we have also made none at all. We carry Transgenerational wounds in our psyche, and in our suffering we lash out at others; we have been abused and so abuse; we have been afraid and so we attack; we have lost faith and so we brandish a sword.

The time has come for us to seek out the reflection of self in the eyes of the refugee who stands at the corner of the street looking up at the sky; we need to seek ourselves in the heart of a young boy who has lost his mother to the raging seas and his elder brother; we need to seek ourselves in the statesman who stands alone, carrying the burden of his people on his shoulders and the frightened man who blows himself up and others in his cry for help.

Truth can be found easily but it is not easy to face, because it is human nature to do what is easy and not necessarily right. I know that I cannot do anything at all, apart from recognize the need within me to acknowledge who I truly am; to see that it is my shadow that sets me free, to no longer stand in judgement of another, but to truly see me. When I refuse to see my shadow, I am all too quick to judge what tears my heart asunder and makes me weep. Is the world a true reflection of the chaos within, and if it is, then how can we ever find peace? My answer is that peace will come when I see myself reflected in all eyes and not only in my own. May Light pave the Way!