The Rejection Collection Caption Contest

week cartoon wo words.jpg

The Rejection Collection Caption Contest instructions: You have three places to be creative. You can come up with text to appear in the sign on the left, the banner on the right, and the caption below (hint: the spoon is talking.) You can also submit it without a caption if you like, but you must put something in the sign and the banner, unless your gag has something to do with the fact that the sign and banner are blank. Hmmm. Or you can use any two of the original text pieces and provide your own third piece.

There are a lot of options here. (you can see the original cartoon in the first Rejection Collection blog entry by clicking here.)

The winning cartoon will be posted here and the writer will receive an original redrawn version of this cartoon with their own text applied. Just post your caption entries in the comments section below (if you are not already registered to post comments on HuffPost, just sign up here).

All submissions are due by midnight of Sunday, October 29.