The Relevance of the 3 Ps: Patience, Perseverance, Persistence

Increase patience by reducing expectations. Learn that hasty decision making is not always the right strategy. Yes, persevere but don't be a pest. By persevering we test our imagination, courage and intuition. Persistence is a learnt skill. The more we do it, the better at it we become.
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Patience: In my previous business life, having patience was not considered an attribute. That's because the business I was in was not conducive to being patient. In fact, retail fashion is known to be an extremely fast-track business. And my patience was non-existent. In business nowadays, patience has become a must-have. As an entrepreneur, I find that patience is essential. From waiting for phone messages and e-mails to be answered, to being paid in good time, an ability to be more patient has now almost become second nature.

It's taken years for me to develop patience. In part, it's because by tempering my ego, I've significantly reduced my previous over inflated sense of importance. Ego tends to heighten the all about me syndrome. So when things are not going our way, we tend to become irritable, lose patience and want it now! That used to be me. Then, by realising that I wasn't the most important item in the lives of others, my awareness kicked in, as did my empathy. Also, I did an enormous amount of reading - books about psychology, personal development and spirituality. I don't expect everyone to adhere to my strategy for increasing my patience -- I do expect others to find their way to doing so. With more patience, our personal growth becomes a smoother journey. One way to reduce our impatience is to lower our expectations. That way, almost any response, or no response becomes more acceptable.

Perseverance: I've met, coached and worked with some very successful individuals. Each one has the ability to persevere. They do so, come what may. In my experience, perseverance is a necessary adjunct to success. Perseverance often enables us to make the right connection with the right person. So much so, recently I contacted a prominent bank in the UK on eight occasions. I sent numerous e-mails to the wrong people. Eventually I succumbed to using the phone. The reason I continued to persevere, was through extensive research and a gut feeling -- I knew I was right for their business. It worked. I am now a part of their faculty of coaches. So it's not about never giving up, for me, it was to do with changing my strategy.

Persistence: For many, this is a tough one. Here in the UK, we can tend to be less forward than our American counterparts. This is as much to do with our culture as it is personality. For me, persistence acts as a necessary follow-up and reminder. Now, I'm not suggesting you be a pest, that's just awful. I am saying to be top-of-mind, we usually have to remind. So being persistent often means that after the first couple of follow-ups, it's likely you need to send another message, but ensure it's different to previous messages. In order to engage, first do research. During research you are bound to discover something about them that is kind of special about them. For instance, they may support a charity, or perhaps they are focused on effective communication skills.

When you've managed to discover that special something, mention it, if only in passing. What this does is alert them to the kind of person you are: somebody who notices stuff that many would ignore. Once you've done this, you are likely to have got them interested in you. In part, because you've taken an interest in them. In business these days, very few have time for anything but business. So being appropriately different separates us from the crowd.

Some tips:

- Increase patience by reducing expectations
- Learn that hasty decision making is not always the right strategy
-Yes, persevere but don't be a pest
- By persevering we test our imagination, courage and intuition
- Persistence is a learnt skill. The more we do it, the better at it we become
- To a large degree, the successful adhere to the 3 Ps

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