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The Republican Party is so Ghetto

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I am not a registered Democrat. I vote based on who I believe will put forward initiatives that are best for me, my daughters, my community and this country.

I've always dreamed of a presidential showdown between former Secretary of State, Republican, Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of State, Democrat, Hillary Clinton. Exactly how would one decide who is most professionally qualified, smarter, engaging or wears a pant suit better? Most would agree that on paper they are equally yoked.

Who would win the African-American vote -- the Democrat or the African-American? No chance of a candidate getting a woman's vote just because she too is a woman. Racist Republicans who hate Hillary would find themselves in quite a tizzy.

This type of presidential race would have forced the American people to vote based on the issues and their belief in the candidate's ability to be the best Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.

But this type of issue-focused, bias-minimized and party-crossing race is only in my dreams. The reality is, we are in a new era of presidential campaigning and debating. It is shocking, disturbing and, yet, wildly entertaining. I watch each debate with popcorn and a bottle of red wine.

The Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have maintained a level of decorum expected of one vying for the most powerful and respected position in the world. They've each thrown punches, but nothing below the belt and definitely, no biting of the opponent's ear.

The Republican party has rightfully and wrongfully been characterized as the party of the elite, the dignified, the suit, tie and pearls. The conservative ideology of the party very often mimics the posture and etiquette of many of its members, until now! In 2016, the GOP is a H.A.M. -- a hot ass mess! The Republican Party and its candidates are so conniving and classless -- ergo -- GHETTO!


The Republican primary looks like a ghetto reality show, where we are one debate away from water being thrown in Marco Rubio's face and smearing his caked-on make-up. It's only a matter of time before Donald Trump's weave is pulled out and holier-than-thou Ted Cruz breaks down and storms off the stage in dramatic Kardashian fashion. We are only moments away from "Yo' Momma" jokes being scripted for the campaign trail rallies.

This Republican primary has been so ghetto and embarrassing to the GOP. I can only see it getting worse before it gets better. As Bette Davis famously warned in All About Eve, "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night."

You know the Republican Party is Ghetto when:

  • The party's leading candidate, Donald Trump, enjoys mocking a disabled reporter, insulting war heroes and demeaning women to rousing applause.

  • Trump mocked fellow candidate Carly Fiorina's looks, saying, "'Look at that face! ... Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!'

  • Trump publicly stated he wanted to criminally assault a protester -- "I'd like to punch him in the face."

  • Cruz's campaign lied to caucus voters that fellow candidate Dr. Ben Carson was out of the race, in an effort to gain his caucus votes.

  • Trump called Cruz and Rubio, "liar and choke artist," respectively, in a national debate, in front of the whole world.

  • A former Mexican President chimed in on the ruckus saying, not once, but twice, that "I'm not going to pay for that fucking wall" that Trump vows to erect on the Mexican border.

  • Rubio suggested that Trump has a little penis because he noticed that Trump's hands are small.

  • Rubio suggested that Trump might have peed his pants during the debate because of his poor performance.

  • Cruz suggested that Trump is down with the Mafia.

  • Rubio repeatedly calls Trump a con-artist and con-man.

  • Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is slinging Twitter mud at Trump for not releasing his tax returns and predicting that the returns hold a "bombshell."

  • Trump agonized over whether or not to disavow David Duke, the KKK and White Supremacists.

  • Trump's appointed Secret Service employee puts a photographer in a choke hold and throws him across a table.

  • Trump brags about this wealth and exaggerates by the BILLIONS.