The Republicans Are Coming! The Republicans Are Coming!

In Massachusetts, it's not the British that are threatening our communal well being, it's the Republican Party.
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I would presume that even the most inside of the inside beltway strategists and Democratic leaders can read the tea leaves on this one, but then again.

In Massachusetts, it's not the British that are threatening our communal well being, it's the Republican Party of Massachusetts that is showing DC Democrats that when people work extremely hard and give time and money to get you elected to do a job and when you don't do a damm thing, they have a tendency to get pissed.

Now, President Obama may not believe in accountability when it comes to terror attacks, everyone in Washington is still nice and safe in their job after 12/25, but the good people of Massachusetts are looking to doing a pretty good job of saying: Washington, you screwed up.

Let's back up a minute.

Did I mention this was Massachusetts?

And that we are talking about the Republican Party? I have lived there my whole life and I know exactly one Republican. I have never actually in all honesty met another one. It's like Bigfoot. You have this nagging suspicion they must be out there, somewhere, in the woods, but you never actually get a good look at them.

True, we do have this annoying history of having all House Democrats and two Democratic Senators and then we elect a Republican Governor or two, Mitt Romney? Yep, that was us. But now we're talking a Senate seat (i.e. something that actually matters) the Democrats have a female candidate who has won state wide office. The Republicans have...hold on let me find his name....Scott Brown.

Now, make no mistake about it. Scott Brown is, in terms of politics, absolutely nobody. He is, and I say this without offense, the 'generic Republican candidate.' It's not his fault really but as a Republican State Senator in Massachusetts, your resume is one part jack, the other part shit. You can, once a year, make a stand of voting against the budget, which has already been decided. You literally will never write a bill or actually do anything. He is the father of a young former American Idol contestant who is a college basketball player as well, but more on her role in this fiasco later.

But he is a white male Republican who:

GOP state Sen. Scott Brown pulled in $1.3 million in a 24-hour online blitz, while Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley was heading to Washington D.C. for a fundraiser Tuesday night hosted by the state's all-Democratic congressional delegation.

Really? Going to Washington is a good idea Martha, not really. Because that is where your problems are. Of course, Washington is coming to Boston as the Senate Committee is now spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads for Martha, and this Friday there is a big rally with Bill Clinton and John Kerry in Boston for Martha.

It boggles the mind.

Almost one year to the day after President Obama was inaugurated, the voters of Massachusetts are going to deliver a big old whopping message to Washington.

Do something.

Do anything.

Do, if you wish, what Democrats worked their asses off for, getting a huge Democratic majority so something could actually happen.

Just do something.

So far, the achievements of the Democrats in the past year make Scott Brown look accomplished.

The worst part is I suspect Martha Coakley will win, and the Senate Committee will send out an email claiming victory, and asking for more money. They should be sending out a long mea culpa and returning people's money.

If the current crop of Democrats was a business, they would be facing fraud charges from sea to shining sea. But they will learn.

Because Martha's woes are just the beginning. Deval Patrick, David Axelrod's "together we can" canary in a coal mine for Obama's campaign, looks extremely vulnerable, facing a Republican candidate, Charlie Baker, who now has three times as much money in the bank as Patrick.

Nationally, we are seeing Democrats put down their checkbooks and walk away. In Virginia and New Jersey, generic and not-so-strong Republicans won Governor races. In fact, maybe I should change the title of the post, the Republicans aren't coming, they're back.

And we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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