'The Resurrection Tomb Mystery': Controversial Documentary Claims To Have Found Bones Of Jesus (VIDEO)

After much controversy, "The Resurrection Tomb Mystery" (Thu., 10 p.m. ET on Discovery) came to television, chronicling the search for the roots of Christianity. Specifically, Biblical historian James Tabor believes he may have uncovered the tomb of Jesus.

But his analysis of certain markings have come under criticism from other biblical scholars, who are skeptical of their larger meaning. According to ABC News, associate professor of religious studies at Duke University Mark Goodacre said that Tabor is "seeing things that simply aren't there. His head is so full of 'DaVinci Code.'"

Tabor believes he found the tomb of Jesus, and another nearby tomb celebrating resurrection. Goodacre isn't convinced. But viewers of the show were in agreement that it certainly made for compelling television.

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