The Return of Hollywood Glamour

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When the wind of premieres, award shows and concerts starts to blow, the highest pitch no doubt, is the red carpet. The sparkly heels, elegant gowns, drop-dead gorgeous makeup, interesting hairstyles, amazing poses - the list is somewhat endless! The beauty of it all is the diversity and identity of each individual fashion statement on the red carpet and how they come together to create an epic perception. Not only is every celebrity trying to shine bright in the best way, every brand and high couture that's worn on these red carpets seeks to speak the loudest.

A few days ago, the CFDA Awards swept the street of fashion with incredible waves. The biggest fashion award show was no doubt electrifying to watch as the recipients and guests strolled in with grand style. It's amazing what fashion means to the world as time goes by. Awards like these have come and gone with a show of not so great fashion pieces, but lately it seems the glamour is returning to Hollywood. That gives a lot of hope and inspiration to most of us on the flip side.

Beyoncé received the fashion icon award, and in her speech, extolled her grandmother, mother and uncle on how well they have interpreted fashion and style to her. In the middle of her heart-warming rendition, she mentioned how her outfit makes her feel like Khaleesi. Isn't it interesting the various expressions we exude with our style and how confident we feel in a well-crafted design? It was beautiful to see Beyonce try to mirror one of Micheal Jackson's finest looks. Indeed it was amazing.

Fashion is beyond the glamour that litters the streets of Hollywood. It's in the creativity, passion, and patience that go into sewing every pearl, stone and fabric in place. The true power of fashion, like Beyoncé rightly said, is in its position as a tool for expressing one's own identity. Designer Dominique Mearns - whose work has adorned red carpets across the globe - states that "Style is an expression of boldness and faith. For some, it's a means to support the struggle of those who can't dress like a goddess; while for others, it's a means to release the inner goddess or stand reverence to a fallen hero.

The designers who work tirelessly to translate the creativity and diversity of fashion into a walking talking masterpiece, are worthy of immense appreciation. The power they wield in making fashion lovers and enthusiasts feel like kings and queens in their own space is incredible and shouldn't be taken lightly. It's to them that we give the honor on the glamour that fills the fashion space.