The Ridiculousness Of Donald Trump's Wall

For over a year now, Donald Trump has been speaking about his wall as though it were some kind of permanent fixture in America. The president speaks about the wall reverently, glowingly.

Here are just a few examples of “The Donald” doing this:

Here he is, in the flesh, in one of the many instances in which he speaks about this “glorious” wall of his.

Many so-called pundits and entertainers on the far right have fallen in love with the concept of Trump’s wall. Here are but a few of them.

One thing I believe Trump and all his supporters—celebrity and otherwise—aren’t taking into consideration is what I’ve learned about politics.

It’s all temporary.

Do Trump and his supporters seriously believe this wall is always going to stay up? What if a Democrat defeats Trump in 2020? Or even if Trump becomes a two-term president—*gags at the thought*—are these people really so shortsighted as to assume that the next democratic president will allow this monstrous construct to remain?

Never mind the fact that the wall is a xenophobic and totally disgusting idea, there’s also another reason for the next democratic president to tear that sucker down. The Republicans were mule-headed and disagreeable with the Democrats on nearly everything. Obamacare is a perfect example. Trump is not even one week in office yet, and already they’re working on repealing Obamacare. What makes him believe his beloved wall will be anymore permanent? What makes Trump so sure when the Democrats are in charge of the Senate and the House of Representatives again they’re going to so permissive about this cruelly oppressive monument of xenophobia?

Republicans have a love so strong and nonsensical for this wall. And when it finally comes a-tumbling down, then maybe then will they finally understand the importance of compromise.