"The Right Side"

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It is Oscar season again, which means Hollywood has saved its more cerebral films for release. I do not know what the cerebral film means exactly, except that historically Marvel comic movies tend not to be in the conversation. That aside, Tom Ford, notably a fashion icon turned movie director, has released Nocturnal Animals, a film which has now become a part of the award conversation.

Recently, I watched an interview with Ford, who is easy on the eyes. He described that he only liked to be photographed or interviewed on his good side. This got me thinking that it is near impossible to control one’s good side on social media. Sure, you can post a portrait or photograph for which you have artistic control. More times than not, you are in a group picture and at the mercy of someone else’s camera phone.

After they capture sides of you that you never thought existed or cared to know about, these pictures are blasted into the public space. Many times, these photographs might preserve memories but they are uniquely unflattering photographs. Then what…

Too often people will stare at social media photographs and make an instant decision about dating someone who, unlike Ford, has sacrificed their good side in favor of the group picture.

I do not know if this is fair, but it is a reality in modern dating. You will be scrutinized and examined and that seems like unwanted pressure. Equally it seems unfair that you might have a good evening ruined by a pic that interferes with your dating life.

The answer is certainly not to stop living, but perhaps it’s time to reframe your observations on social media, knowing full well you too may have a good side. Also, perhaps it is time to recognize every tech company is in a battle for pixel quality, with frightening terms like PPI and PPCM……which means we’re all going to look increasingly less flattering.

As always, I would love to hear you thoughts.