The Right Support Can Make Your Business Fly -- Here's How to Get It!

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skydiving photo

Building a successful financial practice -- or any business -- takes a lot of work. It also takes persistence, courage, patience, intelligence, spirit, humor, and many other personal qualities that you will find yourself stretching to grow into.

Whether you're in your first couple of years trying to get that rocket ship off the ground, or mid-career or a seasoned advisor, it takes a village, right? No one does it alone. And really successful people know how to get the support they need.

How do you feel about asking for support? Are you comfortable asking? Embarrassed? Does it make you feel vulnerable when you'd rather look like you don't need anything?

Resolve right now to be open to getting the support you need to be more successful. Support takes many forms. Some of it involves asking for help and some of it doesn't.

Here are just a few kinds of support that can bring more joy and ease into your business:

No one understands your challenges better than another business owner. If you've transitioned from a 'paycheck job' to being an entrepreneur, chances are that your social circle is still populated with other 'paycheck' professionals. As much as they might want to, they won't be able to fully understand -- or empathize with - what you're going through.

Make it a priority to meet and socialize with other entrepreneurs. Build community! They will be a sounding board for you, a cheerleading squad to celebrate with, a shoulder to cry on when you have one of those months, and an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience.

If you've been in business for a while and your spirits are flagging, look first to community. Have you been making time to connect? Reach out and set up a lunch or coffee with no intent to network. Just share some celebrations and war stories. Share a laugh! You'll come back recharged and ready to dig in again.

Systems and Processes
Every time you start from scratch to do something, it takes significant time and intellectual capital. When you start from scratch again on any routine task, you are unnecessarily wasting precious time.

Make a list of repetitive tasks, both internally and client-facing, and see what templates and systems you can create. Even if you can't yet afford a full-time assistant, hire someone on a project basis with this expertise. Get them to set up your systems so you can easily maintain them yourself. This support will minimize your admin so you can focus your valuable time where it should be: getting clients and serving clients.

For more seasoned advisors, do an inventory. Where do you and your team get bogged down? Root out any places that time is wasted. Set aside time expressly to improve your systems. Reward your staff for finding efficiencies. This investment will quickly pay for itself in improved morale and better productivity.

Coaching Support
Working with a coach is one of the most valuable investments you can make in yourself. They can shave years off your learning curve, accelerate your success and helping you avoid costly mistakes. They are your biggest cheerleader and will always challenge you to grow. World-class athletes and artists have always understood the defining advantage of working with a coach. You deserve the same expertise, encouragement and support at every stage of your career.

If your prospecting skills aren't bringing in the business you want, get coaching support! Your ability to sell is the gateway to your success. Ready to take action? Click here to book a complementary call with Kira to see if coaching is a fit for you.