The Ripple Effect

Rippled surface of water
Rippled surface of water

California has the lamentable characteristic of being prone to prolonged and severe droughts; however, that does not compare to the severe lack in Africa. The Voss Foundation hosted its third-annual luncheon Women Helping Women (or "Kvinner hjelper Kvinner," in Norwegian), a campaign that has raises funds in Europe and the U.S. to build 19 clean water access points and 291 sanitation facilities in Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, and Swaziland.

This year's Women Helping Women honorees included Kristy Caylor, co-founder and president of Maiyet. Guests gathered at the Ritz-Carlton for an hour of cocktails and shopping (via an African Bazaar),before the luncheon program began. Among the coveted items, eagerly snapped up by the chic femmes, were brightly patterned stuffed batik elephants from Swaziland and gorgeous one-of-a-kind necklaces from Kenya and Mali.

"Water is a natural resource and a privilege. Women in Africa are at the fore front of this-it's their burden and responsibility, since it's an engine for growth," Kara Gerson (Executive Director, VOSS Foundation).

The San Francisco Women Helping Women luncheon was presented by Prescott Ashe Estate Winery, VOSS water and media partner, Red Carpet Bay Area. The afternoon raised nearly $40,000.

100 percent of proceeds go to funding existing and/or new projects, for the ongoing effort.

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