The Rise of Ben Carson

Since the beginning of the bizarre 2016 election cycle, entertainer and entrepreneur Donald Trump has been the front runner for the GOP. For a while now, it seemed as though he was simply going to run away with the race. Recently, however, there has been some changes in the political landscape. Retired physician and political activist, Ben Carson now has the lead in several polls both nationally and in Iowa.

One does not need to be a political pundit to understand the importance of the numbers. Donald Trump, who until recently was playing relatively nice with Carson is now even attacking the physician's Seven Day Adventist religion. He is also questioning the importance of the polls that point to a Carson's lead.

Carson is an extraordinary person. The famed neurosurgeon is also a best-selling author and has long been a conservative favorite. On paper, he appears to be the ideal candidate for high office. However, he is not presidential timber for both obvious and less than obvious reasons.

Before the rise of Donald Trump, I would have argued that, since we have not elected anyone without political experience to the highest office in the land since the 1950s, it was unlikely it would happen today. However, the political temperament of this cycle has political inexperience as a prerequisite to running for the highest office in the land. At least for the GOP.

A few months ago I would have argued there is a more sinister reason Carson could not get elected. It is good old fashion racism. I know, that sounds crazy. In the 21st Century as we watch the second term of our first black president come to a close, another black president should not be an issue. However, a black conservative is a very big issue, even today. Maybe, especially today.

For quite some time I have contended that the mainstream media will do everything in its power to prevent a conservative woman, black or other minority from being elected to the White House. The left has believed that minorities and women would have no political power without the progressive agendas of the past. Therefore, they want to keep these groups on an ideological plantation, with women and minorities marching in lockstep. I assume the progressives don't realize that the idea behind "giving" these groups their freedoms was to empower them to be able to disagree with their agenda. That is, after all, what freedom is all about. The progressives in journalism want minorities to feel free to make all the money they want, go right ahead and pursue the career they have passion for. But minorities should not dare run for the highest office in the land unless they are willing to adhere to the orthodoxy that "gave them" the right to vote.

The way to test my thesis is to apply it to the only female candidate who has actually had the nomination for national office. Enter Sarah Palin. Palin was butchered by the mainstream media by every measure. The thought of Palin as Vice President provided nightmares to the left and to the media that now largely openly supports a progressive agenda.

The Herman Cain campaign for president in 2012 was unconventional by every expression of the word. It is unusual for a person with no electoral experience to be taken so seriously as a candidate for the office in the first place (as he was, early on). Furthermore, it is virtually unheard of for a black citizen to run to the right of just about every candidate in the field. As a black conservative, Cain put fear in the hearts of the Democrats and of the media that has put themselves in the position of protecting the left. A black conservative being elected president had the potential of changing the entire electoral landscape, and that was too much to for the media to handle.

With that, Cain's candidacy crashed and burned with some of the worst stereotypes, innuendos and false information ever thrown at a black man. He was a threat and had to be removed.

Ben Carson, arguably, is on an even higher level when it comes to credibility. Carson is very well educated, internationally known as a surgeon and is a persuasive advocate for traditional government values. This makes Carson a bigger threat than Cain and one that the media will also likely vivaciously pursue.

However, not only does the GOP, and many independents, support a "no experience required" political culture, it also has a "don't believe the media" mindset. All of the rules about getting elected in the GOP are being challenged and it will be interesting to see how this race for the nomination unfolds.