The Rise of criminally minded Family/CPS Courts in America; the destruction of millions of American children

The Rise of criminally minded Family/CPS Courts in America; the destruction of millions of American children
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Introducing the ‘House Concurrent Resolution 72’ (H. Con Res 72) is a first step in the right direction, IF it passes.

Note to Reader: Family Courts are separate from Child Protective Services ‘CPS’ Courts. However, in contested custody cases where a parent is seeking full custody of a child over another parent/guardian, allegations fly in both directions when both claim to be the better parent. Thus, CPS enters into the custody case. Currently, Family Court custody cases regularly contact CPS caseworkers and include CPS recommendations. Hence, Family/CPS caseworkers and court officials work side by side in the placement of todays’ children. Also, Family/CPS caseworkers are sometimes referred to wrongly as social workers.

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Welcome to the American Family/CPS Court’s system—similar to the Wild West in the 1800’s, it is lawless and everyone lies. Murderers and rapists of children go unpunished and it’s where the heart of extreme violence originates. The Family/CPS Court’s system employs uneducated, unqualified, untrained, nationalists from other countries who are unfamiliar with court terminology and/or struggling with the English language. These workers also lack basic knowledge about family dynamics and how the courts operate. And yet, despite this, these individuals have full and complete authority over our American families and children. Millions American parents are forced to work with these unqualified court officials, when they arrive in Family/CPS Courts to contest custody of their children.

Frequently compounding this is the court official’s lack of respect for laws/rules and policies made by the courts. More horrifically, a large majority of these court officials (including CPS employees) have criminal records. One of the many root problems in the system is the recycling abuse of authority from individuals given the power to separate children from their loving parents/parent and healthy homes.

Children are taken from their loving and safe parents and placed with strangers/foster parents/guardians; and yet, 94% of foster adults/parents are on disability (many due to mental illnesses), unemployment, and/or have low-income jobs. Although they should be considered unfit caretakers, once the CPS/Family Courts have decreed where a child should be moved, they wash their hands of the situation, even if the child is now worse-off than they were previously.

The majority of foster parents are adult strangers living alone, instead of couples or families. And, shockingly, this lone adult usually has a criminal record (unlike the protective parent in which the child/children was taken from). Based on intense research and my own experiences, I knew this couldn’t continue. Yet, when I suggested a Bill to eliminate foster parents/or guardians from having criminal records, CPS supervisors argued; “we would have no foster parents” if such a Bill passed.

CPS/Family Court’s case workers have the authority to enter into any home in America—without a warrant or court order— and have the authority to take your children; they themselves also have criminals records. For the lack of a better word, these ‘thugs’ do not have to give the parent a reason for taking their child. CPS workers have authority over the police, so CPS/Family court caseworkers ask the police to assist them and restrain the parents as they take their children. An ex-boyfriend or neighbor with a grudge could call CPS with a false allegation, but when CPS/Family Courts come to take your children, they don’t care if the allegation is false. Additionally, all CPS/Family court officials salaries depend on conflicts between custodial disputes, as I mentioned in an earlier article and published in the Huffington Post;USA Children used as Currency in Family/CPS courts. (a couple of counties/States a warrant is required/those counties however do not have Hearings to present evidence, case workers simply go to the Judge requesting the Warrant be signed/the judge obediently signs the paper, taking the word of the case workers as true)

It is only after the children have been removed from the home that CPS/Family courts petition the courts for a Hearing. In many States, CPS have three to seven days to make their case. However, in the majority of cases, CPS takes three weeks to three months before there is even the first hearing. During that time, the parents still may have no idea why their children were taken and they are not allowed to know where their children reside.

It is during this period that so many young children are sadistically abused, raped, and many do not survive. I am told by whistle-blowing ex-CPS supervisors (in more than three States), that when a child is murdered in foster care/State custody, it has, “Become a common practice to shred that child’s file.” Additionally, the CPS case worker brings the innocent parents to court—taking their parental rights away on bogus charges, (to hide the murder/or abuse or raped the child)—and tells the parents that the child has found a happy home and to forget about the child. The parents are not aware, and have no means to become aware that their child was abused and/or murdered. In rare cases, if a parent takes CPS to federal courts or the Supreme Court, the caseworker will often claim the child is, “Missing or lost in the system,” which leaves no trace of the child.

In 2008 alone, more than 3,300 children in Child Protective Services “went missing” or “were lost in the system” that’s over 3,300 children presumed dead nation-wide, after being taken from their parents and placed into CPS.

How can this be?

It used to be that Family Courts and CPS/DHS were in different camps and very separate court entities, but with today’s contested Custody cases and Family disputes over custody of children, it has become one and the same. Court evaluators frequently recommended shared custody even when domestic violence is alleged. An expert on this topic, professor/author Barry Goldstein, has said, “Unqualified professionals often support and require shared custody even when the father presents a danger to the child. Many children have been murdered as a result of the courts’ failure to take the risk seriously.”

The majority of abusers use children as a weapon against the protective parent. A study out of University of Michigan known as The Saunders Report, reveals that when the abusive parent/guardian seeks custody of the child/children, “[In] 85% of cases involving allegations against the abuser [from the protective parent], the abuser received full custody of the child/children, instead of protective/stable parent.”

This means that 85% of the time, Family/CPS courts don’t listen to the protective parent/protective guardian, and thus, 85% of the time where a child is in a life threatening environment—being abused and/or raped—the abuser gets full custody of that child.

Family/CPS courts actions are worse than lawless Wild West.

To the general public lacking knowledge of Family/CPS courts, some may think, ‘This can’t be true.’

But it is! And now, with the University of Michigan’s Saunders Report, there is a study to back these claims.

One claim is that untrained, unqualified court officials, caseworkers, evaluators, supervisors, etc., and the majority of court psychiatrists assume wrongly that a father/ guardian willing to fight for the child/children must be a good parent. But, in truth, the abuser seeks custody to control their victims and not have to pay child support. With the children in the abuser’s custody, the protective parent will do anything and everything to protect their children, including staying quiet about the abuse because they fear that exposure of the abusive parent/ guardian will place their child into a life-threatening situation.

At the same time, when brave protective parents (who lost custody) do speak out, retaliation from the courts is swift and brutal and these parents tend to lose contact with their child/children. Gag orders are placed on these protective parents, thus silencing the acts of Family/CPS Court’s acts of barbarism . In this way, the general public remains in the dark about these massive extermination of American families and the destruction of American children.

Another result in the Saunders Report found that social workers (not Family/CPS case workers) were more efficient then court psychologists in determining and distinguishing that the protective parent was telling the truth about the abuse. They found that social workers acted more responsibly then the court psychiatrists when it came to removing the abusive parent from the child. The reason for this: “Psychologists were burdened by the use of psychological tests that were not designed to be used in domestic violence/custody cases.”

It is now a common practice for county court houses to merge CPS/DHS and Family Courts—two separate entities—together.

When I was growing up, CPS/DHS took children from parents due to abuse/neglect or allegations of drugs/alcohol abuse. Those days are long gone. At least 70% of children are now taken from families/parents for non-neglect and non-abusive reasons.

It was noted in a recent bill (introduced to Congress in July 2017), that, “15 million American children are directly affected by Family/CPS courts every year.” (Apparently due to the mishandling of cases by uneducated, untrained, unqualified, lethargic, careless, indifferent, apathetic case workers, court visitation supervisors, evaluators, therapists, counselors, Guardian of Litems, attorneys, and judges.)

With the exception of an attorney, many of these positions do not require a college degree. For example, I was told by CPS supervisors that case workers should have a minimum of two years of college, and preferably have a degree. However, CPS ex-supervisors say, “Several case workers that work in our agency were hired right off the streets, but plan to take night College classes.” We heard similar responses about court evaluators and court supervisors. All three positions—CPS/Family Court caseworkers, evaluators, and supervisors of visitations—have the authority to place the child where they believe the child should be placed. The judges listen to these three unqualified individuals’ recommendations and instructions; without fail, the judge follows their recommendations, and thus is the failure of American courts.

In a case out of Michigan, the supervisor for visitation was a 21-year-old male without a college degree, who had never left his small, rural county and who partied all the time. Another supervisor was an 60-year-old former truck driver from Poland, who had been out of work for a decade. Yet, another court supervisor was a 24-year-old girl who asked the mother to come out partying with her, when the mother declined, the court supervisor gave that mother a bad report to the Judge, resulting in less time with her children.

Family/CPS courts are now a big business industry where salaries and incentives are directly tied to a family unit’s conflict; the more conflict, the more money everyone receives. If the courts simply gave the child to the correct protective parent, there would be no more conflict, thus no more money coming in from that case. As such, over the years, court officials have learned to make money by placing a child with the unfit/abusive parent or guardian. The rise of the criminally-minded Family/CPS courts has spread to every county in this nation.

Attorneys do not appear in Family/CPS courts willingly. Unfortunately, the attorneys that do end up in Family/CPS Courts are primarily court-appointed attorneys that could not be hired in a law firm. Alternatively, they might be unqualified private/hired attorneys that often milk their client for money without working for the protective parent’s and children’s best interests. There are also many deadbeat private attorneys in the Family/CPS courts who ill-advise desperate protective parents in ways that result in the separation of parent and child.

Related to this is a documentary entitled, ‘What Doesn’t Kill Me,’ that focuses on the subject of abusive custody when the courts give a child/children to the abusive parent over the protective parent. In it, the film maker asks the experts—including a Supreme Court judge whistleblower named DeAnn Salcido—“Why are the courts giving full/solo custody to the abusive parent?” The answer overwhelmingly appears to be because the protective parent is hysterical and fearful for their child’s wellbeing. To uneducated/untrained court officials, this genuinely valid fear coming from the protective parent appears to be exaggerated. The courts tend to wrongly assume that the protective parent is lying about the abuse/rape or situation that would endanger the child. Thus, court officials are falsely making assumptions that the protective parent has emotional issues.

However, The Saunders Report found that, of the mothers involved in contested custody, only 1.3% lied about the abuse of the other parent/guardian/foster parent. No expert on domestic violence, no social worker, counselor, or psychiatrist… not even a psychological report is needed to support the CPS/Family Court case worker’s incorrect assumptions that help them decide where to place the child. The Saunders Report found that these same CPS/Family caseworkers and court officials are making life-or-death decisions purely “out of bias” and ignorance.

Also, family/CPS courts often reduce parents to bankruptcy—financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Parents that have had their children taken into foster care or given to the abusive parent/or guardian tend to suddenly find their wages are garnished by the State, even after their child has been adopted out. I have parents who have lost everything pleading with me to help them—they say they have low-income jobs and that their child has been taken and adopted out through CPS and yet, the State is still garnishing their wages. I don’t know how to help or approach a criminally-minded Family/CPS court system that is so corrupt that they can do anything and everything without accountability.

What can be done?

On July 24th 2017, The House of Representative introduced House Concurrent Resolution 72 (H. Con. Res. 72) to the ‘Committee on the Judiciary,’ that attempts to address some of these issues: “Expressing the sense of Congress that the child safety is the first priority of custody and visitation adjudications, and that State courts should improve adjudications of custody where family violence is alleged.”

It is a short and simple Resolution with a page of history and statistics followed by six important guidelines for States:

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), that it is the sense of Congress that—

(1) child safety is the first priority of custody and parenting adjudications, and courts should resolve safety risks and claims of family violence first, as a fundamental consideration, before assessing other best interest factors;

(2) quasi-scientific evidence should be admitted by courts only when it meets admissibility standards for scientific evidence;

(3) evidence from court-affiliated or appointed fee-paid professionals regarding adult or child abuse allegations in custody cases should be admitted only when the professional possesses documented expertise and experience in the relevant types of abuse, trauma, and the behaviors of victims and perpetrators;

(4) States should define required standards of expertise and experience for appointed fee-paid professionals who provide evidence to the court on abuse, trauma and behaviors of victims and perpetrators, should specify requirements for the contents of such professional reports, and should require courts to find that any appointed professionals meet those standards;

(5) States should consider models under which court-appointed professionals are paid directly by the courts, with potential reimbursement by the parties after due consideration of the parties’ financial circumstances; and

(6) Congress should schedule hearings on family courts’ practices with regard to the objective, fair, and adjudication of children’s safety and civil rights.

This is a step in the right direction if this Resolution passes, but it is only a step. Call your U. S. Representative to ask them to support H. Con. Res. 72, for the sake of American children and American families.

I personally think that the Family/CPS local courts are too far-gone and corrupt; the only way to stop this madness is closing the doors to CPS/DHS for several years. During this time of shutting down CPS/DHS, swift and dramatic action must take place to reform the Family Courts system, from the inside out, starting with required (real) Masters Degrees for all the court officials in the area in which they will be serving.

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