The Rise of Feminine Energy

The Rise of Feminine Energy
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It is happening; the feminine energy is rising. As people listen to their intuition, trust their inner call to speak truth and unsuppress, the feminine is demonstrating her power. The feminine is a quality of energy that lives in both men and women.

In the energetic anatomy, feminine power relates to the 2nd Chakra, which is the orange power center in the pelvic bowl corresponding to sexuality, sensitivity, vulnerability, creativity, and the ability to be ok with having feelings. Qualities of feminine energy also include: receiving, listening, allowing, trusting, soft, intuitive, sensitive, knowing, wild, creative, co-creative, yielding, gentile, introverted, forgiving, soulful, spiritual, connected, connectable, conscious, wise, passionate, honest, integrity, emotionally communicative, expressive, truthful, sensual, fluid, trusting, sexual, innocent, playful, loving, beautiful, pure, and vulnerable.

This is a long list, and yet, some of these qualities have been considered weak in both men and women. The doorway into strengthening the feminine energy is through feeling emotions. The shame of having feelings suppresses all aspects of feminine energy.

Emotional maturity and emotional intelligence strengthen when there is permission to feel feelings. Contrary to being qualities of weakness, feeling emotions is an aspect of the feminine power in the body. In order to have emotional maturity, it requires being relatable, vulnerable, real and honest about feelings that are present. Being honest about how you feel, builds trust and true connections, which are aspects of feminine energy.

When there is shame for having feminine qualities such as emotions, it can result in dishonorable actions or acting out in ways that eventually result in embarrassment or shameful feelings. It can hurt to feel like a part of your being is not ok. And that’s not your fault; it is how society sees the feminine - as not ok.

Collectively, society has hidden and covered up feminine energy for fear that transparency means weakness. Fear has dominated the feminine as fear became a way to suppress the Truth. Yet today, feminine energy is rising in all of us. There are courageous voices coming out and speaking up about assault, harassment, shame, guilt, and suppression of the feminine.

Women are on the rise, speaking truth, shedding the cloaks of shame, and communicating with integrity and bringing the shadow to light. Men are also waking up to their own emotions and how they have suppressed and objectified women.

The feminine energy has held a lot of wounds through this century, this generation, the lineage, and personal lives, for not being honored. The wounds that are carried are often masked by shame. Shame is one of the shadow feelings that is held in the 2nd Chakra area of the body. It’s where people can hold the deep pain of “who I am is bad and wrong.” Shame has people act out in ways that re-create the feeling of shame, and this has been a wound within the feminine for a long time.

The feminine has been a very wounded consciousness refusing to stay wounded anymore. Healing is happening by people having the courage to use their voice and speak truth. The voice is a powerful tool for healing shame. Just talking about it is the first step in healing it.

The #Metoo and #Iamsorry movement has dug beneath shame to bring truth to the surface. Where vulnerability and honesty were once feared, these feminine qualities are now seen as raw, honest, relatable, respected, and they give permission for people to be real with themselves about what’s actually there, which is Truth.

There’s a powerful relationship between the 2nd Chakra and the 5th Chakra (or Throat Chakra) in the body, energetically. When there’s shame or abuse or violation in the reproductive area and boundaries were crossed in that area of the body, there will often be vocal suppression or a suppression of self and truth. This is a wound that is healing in many people as the feminine side continues to speak up.

It may be challenging and it may require courage, but exposing truth opens up the process of healing. As this happens on a collective level, it also happens on an individual level. When the feminine energy rises, it unearths where you might be holding back on yourself, and where you may be feeling shame for not have the room, suppressed feelings, and permission to step into your true self.

The rise of the feminine energy is asking for us to live in truth.

For the sake of this planet, we need you to be real within yourself right now more than ever so we can continue to enlighten more truth and bring people forward to support the collective. We need you to no longer act out of shame because one of the ways we act out through shame is rage, harm and hurt to others, shaming, and isolation. It’s time our painful wounds we hold in our body be transformed.

Here is how you can transform:

  • Give yourself permission to feel your feelings.
  • Don’t fear the shadow feelings of: anger, rage, shame, guilt, grief, fear.
  • Love yourself in the feelings you are having.
  • Get support and be vulnerable enough (vulnerability= POWER) to ask for help.
  • Forgive yourself & forgive others

How can you step more powerfully into the person you are? When we all do our individual work, we can collectively raise consciousness and balance the masculine and feminine energy of this planet.

Speak your truth, and reach out for the support you need in your network.

Just be aware that you are a part of the movement that is raising feminine consciousness. In what ways can you support your feminine energy? In what ways can you befriend the feminine energy within you? Whether you’re a woman or a man, how can you connect to this part of yourself and give it attention and a platform and allow it space to be real?

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