The Rise of Shame Nation, Literally

The Rise of Shame Nation, Literally
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We are witnessing a time when civility in America is at an all time low.

We are witnessing a time when civility in America is at an all time low.



After a week of reckless, careless and cruel tweets by President Trump, in typical fashion, even though he has been urged by his own party to please just stop, POTUS continues:


It’s obvious that the president is not going to listen to anyone as the shaming and insults continue.

Diana Graber, a digital literacy teacher, challenged readers, Where Are the Upstanders? This is a very good question. If we review the tweet above, it’s been replied to 61K, LIKEd 88K and Retweeted 22K times.

Most of the people that respond to these negative tweets are not only endorsing this type of cruel and bullish behavior, they are also fueling our incivility online.

I commend the colleagues and others that are condemning his tweets, being an upstander isn’t always easy, but when you inflict pain and hurt people, that’s never right.

Kelly Wallace, CNN’s digital correspondent, wrote a compelling piece, Would Trump’s tweets get him suspended if he were in school? In this article, Susan Swearer, co-director of Bullying Research Network, said, “If we use Harvard’s standards, then I would say these tweets bring into question President Trump’s honesty, maturity and moral character. If he were in school, he would be held accountable, and at a minimum, he would be asked to apologize,” she said.

Every headline needs to be used as a teachable moment for your child.

Let them know it’s not okay to instill online hate. Every post, text, video, and comment is a reflection of their character.

Hate perpetrates hate.

  • Stop forwarding the mean memes.
  • Put a halt to the nasty jokes.
  • Discontinue cruel comments.
  • Don’t be that person that engages in more negativity.

Reclaim civility online.

Seventy-five percent of American’s believe it’s up to us to bring back civility!

Share the positive. Find the bright side. Educate people on how to be an upstander. Pass on a cyber-hug. Let’s stop this incivility. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with a digital detox if you’re having a bad day.

Let’s take this rise of shame nation and turn it to a sane nation, with or without the leader of the land.

October marks National [Cyber]Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. On October 3rd, 2017, is also the release of Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate, which at this point, couldn’t come soon enough.

Pre-order Shame Nation today from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Indie Books.

Pre-order Shame Nation today from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Indie Books.


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