The Rise of The Nano Influencer

The Rise of The Nano Influencer
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Mathematically, a nano anything is 10 to the power of -9. Essentially, it’s one billionth of anything. In our world of over 7.5 billion people, that means the individual person is nano. They used to call us consumers, and in the media industry, we are referred to as eyeballs ad ‘users’ but that would insinuate that we consume and don’t produce or create; which would be incorrect. In the world of social media, the nano are the most powerful people on the planet, and most don’t know their value. They have one billionth of the world’s population in their immediate orbit. The average person has 8 friends and family who they are likely to engage with and influence, whether it’s passively or actively.

It is the power of these people, the 99% who have made Facebook and Google what they are today, and built their 1 trillion dollar value.

The nano-influencer doesn’t realize they are such a crucial part of this ecosystem. The nano influencer is the most powerful group of people and our goal at The8App is to give them the tools to monetize their creativity and influence for their own personal empowerment, and finally realize their value.

Today, ‘we the people’, are the largest unpaid workforce on the planet. We are all on Facebook, but we are not rewarded or united on Social platforms. If the people were given the framework – we would change the world at a level we could have never imagined.

Companies and governments need to realize that the power is in the hands of the nano influencers, and for the first time, through The8App, can engage them at scale – personally and directly.

The nano influencer is not motivated by share-price and profit and greed. For the most part, the nano influencer is motivated to protect and provide for their families and to seek happiness. Their value set is better directed. So surely, they should be the ones who have the economic power. They are certainly the only ones who can solve the world’s biggest problems when they work together and they should get to decide where the money goes.

The nano influencer buys our products.

The nano influencer keeps our companies alive.

The nano influencer keeps the economy afloat.


The nano influencers think long term. They have children and grandchildren to think about.

And now, The8App gives you the tools to engage and reward and show love to the Nano influencer. At scale. And together make impact at scale.

The nano influencer is YOU.

You to the power of 8.

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