'The River': The Crew Must Escape The Exodus By Sunrise (VIDEO)

'The River': Escaping The Exodus By Sunrise

"The River" (Tue., 9 p.m. EST on ABC) mixed up the formula when the crew of The Magus encountered the crew of another ship, The Exodus, for the first time since the series premiere. It was perfect timing, as The Magus had just been run aground by another ship and suffered damage they couldn't repair without some new parts. But then again, what happened to that first ship?

Was The Magus crew perhaps so excited to see new people, that they let their guard down? After all the crazy things they've seen over the course of the series, they pretty quickly dismissed the disappearing ship that had run them aground, embracing this new crew with little to no suspicion. Only Captain Brynildson was cautious enough to take advantage of the fact that The Magus is completely wired with cameras. That's something the crew of The Exodus may have overlooked. Or more likely, just dismissed as no big deal.

Considering their captain took shots point-blank from Brynildson and barely slowed down, their lack of caution is pretty understandable. As it turned out, The Exodus is a ghost ship, and its crew are spirits trapped on the boat until they can find replacement bodies to allow them freedom during the day. With very little trouble, they managed to grab four crew members, including Lena. On The Exodus, she got a tear-filled surprise when she realized that her father was on board. He was Emmet Cole's cameraman, and had been missing as long as Cole.

Unfortunately, she tragically learned that while he may have been held captive below decks, he was as much a spirit and trapped on the ghost ship as the other four crew members. The show did a great job of building tension toward sunrise as the crew of the Magus had until then to save their friends or lose them forever. It was a nail-biter, but everyone got off in time and The Exodus was set to burn, including Russ Landry.

"The River" continues Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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