The Roadblock Republicans: 100 Days of Saying No to Progress

Every day, more Americans get a pink slip, more stores shutter their doors and more families find the American Dream growing dimmer and farther from their grasp. Our 1.6 million members are on the frontlines of this crisis. The vital services they provide are taking huge hits - which means communities are suffering.

AFSCME stepped up our political and legislative efforts in January by creating the "Make America Happen" campaign. Through this campaign, we are mobilizing our members and the general public to support President Obama's comprehensive effort to promote jobs and economic recovery, enact health care reform this year and pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

AFSCME marshaled our resources to make sure that the President's historic recovery bill would include substantial new assistance to state and local governments. We generated more than 40,000 phone calls, personal letters and e-mails to members of Congress. Working with Americans United for Change, we launched ads to end the Republicans' "Just Say No" campaign of obstruction.

The Republicans say we're exaggerating the problems facing our economy. When President Obama extends a friendly hand to them, they respond with a clenched fist. So, we're going on the air again with a new television spot. The Roadblock Republicans can't hide from the damage their resistance is doing to the recovery our people need.

AFSCME has deployed grassroots organizers to work in target states as part of our "Make America Happen" campaign. We're mobilizing across the country, from Maine to Alaska . . . in union strongholds like Pennsylvania and Ohio . . . but also in Southern states, like Arkansas and North Carolina. We're sending our organizers into Mountain and Western states, like Montana and North Dakota. And we're mobilizing the grassroots in the American heartland, in states such as Indiana and Missouri.

We have important work to do to overcome the opposition of the corporate CEOs who set the GOP agenda. We're going to flood Capitol Hill with phone calls and letters to keep us on the road to recovery. And we're going to make sure that the Roadblock Republicans know that working Americans expect them to put partisanship aside and do what is right for America.

You can see the new TV spot and read about our grassroots efforts at our new website: Make America AFSCME is committed to bringing bold change to our country. We are committed to making America happen again.