The Roars of Cannons Wont Stop the Explosions of Creativity


If you are reading this and planning on commenting in a negative, political way, walk away. It won't further your cause and this article is not meant to focus on politics and you will not get a response. If you are here in good faith to read a nice article please read on!

Israel's creative spirit is rising despite the constant political turmoil of the Middle East. With significant export of ideas, innovation and cutting edge technology, entrepreneurs and visionaries from Israel are collaborating with California creatives and industry leaders.

In 2014, 3555 patents were produced in Israel. One example is Magisto's Emotion Sense Technology ® which transforms the notion of Artificial Intelligence. With over 10 million in funding, the application enables anyone to turn their stockpile of images and video into high quality movies with Hollywood style results.

Tightening the gap between technology and entertainment, Israel is also well-known for being a strong contender of the arts. Especially as of late, with the increased recognition for acclaimed writers and producers influencing the American entertainment industry. Productions like television series "Hostages" written and directed by Alon Aranya and "Homeland" by Gideon Raff both created in Tel Aviv and adapted to American culture. These brilliant creators are just one of the many Israeli talents in tech, entertainment and health that share their vision and inspiration with the western world.

We see this overlap very prominently the #leadershift conference - IDEAS Los Angeles - hosted by Tel Aviv University, in Santa Monica. Now in its second year spanning over 2 days and 2 tracks, they are focused on the future of digital technology: Media & Entertainment and Lifestyle and Health.

"Our goal with IDEAS LA is to engage thought leaders of the world to connect and collaborate and share futuristic ideas. We are inspiring people to think deeper and more broadly by engaging with inventors and innovators tackling some of the most exciting challenges in the world today. Says David Dorfman, Event Producer.

Inclusive of interactive technology stations, engaging industry leading speakers and dynamic workshops, IDEAS also hosts 14 leading startups in which they feature and provide the opportunity for them to meet potential investors, clients and gain exposure in their industry. Some of this year's speakers include: Oron Afek, CEO, BookMD, Steve Baltin, Host, Riffing With on Hulu, John Bates, Principal, Executive Speaking Success, Steve Bradbury, Principal, Vlocity Digital, Seth Cohen, CEO, Parachute TV, Alexis Madrigal, Editor in Chief, Fusion TV, Neal Kaufman, Chief Medical Officer, Canary Health and John Couch, Head of UX/Design, Hulu.

With all the challenges facing the middle east crisis, there is still light and hope for a brighter future. Perhaps through the continued collaboration of great minds across the globe, more and more individuals can see beyond politics, differences and challenges and work together to solve the issues that we face as human beings. Maybe it's all a pipe dream and separatism will always exist. But maybe, when you see the successes of conferences like IDEAS LA who are able to shrink the gap that divides and rather seek to connect people, through similar values and visions of the future, we can hold on to hope that change is inevitable.

If you are in California and want to attend the IDEAS Los Angeles #leadershift Conference you can visit: This year's conference will be held on June 15th and 16th at The Broad Stage Theatre in Santa Monica.

Author: Sari Gabbay - CEO, U2R1 Media, Creative Agency