The Roberts Court Strikes Out: Legislators on the Bench

Big business couldn't be more delighted
By the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United
New ammo for the arsenals of Wall Street and big oil
An opinion that would make our Founding Fathers recoil

The magnitude of this ruling is hard to overstate
Stemming from an anti-Hillary film made back in '08
Appellant sought constitutional protection
In order to influence the presidential election

Analyzing the rationale of the high court
It's fair to say this time SCOTUS fell short
Overturning years of precedent and federal legislation
(From the corporate world came shouts of naked jubilation)

During Senate hearings, Roberts pledged judicial "modesty"
Now at bat, it seems an "umpire" he no longer wants to be
With all respect due Nino, Clarence, and Sam
Their originalist philosophy proved no more than a sham

Kennedy chucked established law with reasoning quite specious
The dissent was outraged by a ruling so capricious
Granting unfettered rights of corporate free speech
Truly a radical conclusion to reach

In a move that couldn't have been more bold
They eviscerated the crux of McCain-Feingold
Throwing campaign-finance law into the trash
So special interests can yield influence with piles of cash

A decision one can only hope in time they will reverse
Their interpretation of the First Amendment was perverse
Stevens recognized the threat to our elected institutions
Legislators nationwide were left scrambling for solutions

Pundits have weighed in -- catch Jeff Toobin on Colbert?
(Nice to see that Stephen finally grew back all his hair)
ABC's George Will: Nonprofit's been emancipated!
"The law's an ass," said Donaldson (Dickens would be elated)

Dismay over the holding pervades both sides of the aisle
Even Michael Steele admits there's no reason to smile
And Olympia Snowe, Republican from Maine
Opined it was "regrettable," her assent she couldn't feign

Big Mac was "disappointed" -- his legislation now undone
His co-author from the Cheese State felt all reason they did shun
Obama fears the fallout will "drown out " the everyman
He vowed to work with Congress on a legislative plan

This was blatant judicial activism by justices on the right
Legislating from the bench, hypocrisy reaching a new height
Newsflash for these gentlemen who routinely preach restraint:
Turns out, after all, strict constructionists you ain't!!