'The Rock' Is Making This Family's Halloween Costumes Hilariously Epic

And it's amazing.

A family of five is dominating the Halloween costume game ― thanks to the help of a special celebrity guest.

Every day this month, Kristina Langone’s kids have dressed up in creative group costumes. Langone and her husband join in the fun occasionally as well, but the real star of the show is their life-sized wall decal of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who also participates in the group costumes.

Langone told The Huffington Post she put the decal on their kitchen wall as a joke earlier this year after her family moved into their new house. Her husband enjoyed it so much that The Rock has remained a permanent fixture in their home.

“I started thinking to dress it up one night when my husband was working late, and I was cleaning up and left a vacuum sitting in front of the sticker,” Langone said. “It literally lined up so perfectly that it looked like the Rock was vacuuming my kitchen. From there it just spiraled.”

Langone’s family costumes, which she posts daily on Instagram, often incorporate concepts that start with “R” or play on the word “rock.” Some highlights have included “The Rockford Peaches,” “The Ronald Weasley” and “The Rocksteady.”

The costumes have been such a hit that even The Rock himself reposted their “Moana” photo and gave Langone a shout-out for her creativity and sense of humor.

Langone’s four kids have enjoyed dressing up, though their attitudes change from day to day. Ten-year-old Dylan doesn’t like scary things around Halloween, so he wasn’t a fan of their “Walking Dead” costume. Seven-year-old Leila dislikes having her hair spray painted different colors. Four-year-old Siena and 1-year-old Mia are just along for the ride.

“They all seemed to really like ‘A-Rock-Nophobia’ quite a bit,” Langone said.

On Oct. 31, they plan to go trick-or-treating as characters from the movie, “Hocus Pocus.”

“I actually had to really stretch my imagination to think up Thacke-Rock-Binx because I wanted to incorporate it into the month really badly since I absolutely adore the movie,” Langone told HuffPost.

The mom said she’s glad her costumes can inspire others and is “so appreciative” of Dwayne Johnson’s praise. “It really does mean a lot that he would take the time to acknowledge it,” she said. “My children were over the moon about, and my husband went to work feeling like a million bucks while he showed it off to everyone he works with.”

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