The Rock Has The Best Response To A Meme Calling Him Out

Dwayne Johnson's favorite pose isn't exactly "off-the-cuff."

Have you ever noticed anything peculiar about The Rock?

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A pose, perhaps, that doesn't seem too off-the-cuff?

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Please tells us you're seeing this, right?

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The good people of the Internet definitely noticed Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's penchant for the cuff pose. They even put together a compilation of Johnson's best photos in a hilarious meme asking the question, "Will The Rock ever finish buttoning his sleeve?"

Well, the actual Rock saw the meme, and he absolutely loved it. The actor posted the picture on Instagram with the caption "F'n GENIUS!"

He also added some perfect hashtags:

#TheDayTheCuffPoseOfficiallyDied, #MyWristMusclesKeepBreakingTheCuffs and #MyNextPoseWillBeUnbuttoningMyPants.

The post is just further proof Johnson knows how to take a joke. Around Halloween, the actor also posted a bunch of Instagrams showing people mimicking his infamous fanny pack picture.

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Well, mostly people, anyway.

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Is this actually the end of The Rock's cuff pose?

With a new season of "Ballers," and subsequently plenty more suits on the way, we probably have to raise an eyebrow to that.

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