Of Course Tequila Is Part Of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Skincare Routine

Can you smell what The Rock is slathering on?

Future president and ageless human Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has perfect skin. It’s dewy, it’s fresh, and it’s somehow just as young-looking as it was in his younger days.

Tristar Media via Getty Images

The secret to his stellar skin has been hidden under a rock for far too long. Now, thanks to Cosmopolitan editor Ali Drucker, we no longer have to lose sleep over it.

Drucker asking The Rock to “pls share” his skincare routine on Twitter, rightfully explaining just how crucial the information is to her (and, if you ask us, to the world).

Naturally, the Rock delivered better results than any face mask ever could.

That’s right, The Rock uses your beloved $5 middle school face wash, Lancer or La Mer moisturizing cream and, naturally, “tequila often,” he said. “Not on your face, but drinking it.”

We feel obliged to point out that alcohol is not great for your skin, thanks to the fact that it dehydrates you and disrupts sleep. Still, the Rock’s complexion is something that cannot be denied.

Pass the salt and limes our way.

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