Watch The Rock And Zac Efron Try To Ride A Pink Scooter Together

The new clip is a deleted scene from "Baywatch."

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron are two very muscular men. Watching them try to ride a pink scooter together is a sight to behold.

In a deleted scene from “Baywatch” exclusive to HuffPost, stars Johnson and Efron commandeer a scooter to chase after some bad guys. “Why are you grabbing me so tight?!” Efron, playing Matt Brody, yells.

Of course, the scooter is not meant for two very muscular men. As the duo zooms along, Johnson’s character, Mitch Buchannon, shouts about Brody needing to stay on the designated path. “Keep off the Grass” signs are no joke.

The Rock and Zac Efron.
The Rock and Zac Efron.

You’d think that these two could catch any opponent while riding a small, pink scooter, but it’s actually Alexandra Daddario’s character, Summer Quinn, who saves the day. Remember, this clip is from “Baywatch,” so you can guess how she stops one of the guys in his tracks.

August 15 marks the digital HD release of the extended cut version of “Baywatch.”