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The Role of Imagination in Dream-Building

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There are definite, concrete steps we must take to achieve goals. This is an absolute truth and fits in with the Laws of the Universe. For example, the Law of Specificity states, "We must clearly identify what we want to achieve."

Sometimes we forget that there are intangible qualities that play a role in dream-building as well. One of these is imagination.

The Power of Imagination

I like to think of our imagination as the purest fuel on earth.

Nothing can drive our dream engine like imagination. It is a uniquely human factor that has been the foundation of every great idea and invention since the dawn of time.

Mankind has the ability, unlike any other creature, to use the power of imagination to see things that have never existed. As Robert Kennedy once said, "You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'"

Imagination is more than just fuel for goals and achievement.

I believe that imagination is, in many ways, what makes our lives worth living. I like to say that some people live one year 90 times while others live 90 years.

Believe me, there is a difference in those two approaches to life.

If we simply survive, we have nothing to look forward to and no joy in our existence. Imagination is what changes that reality. Imagination allows us to set goals for ourselves and dream of a life better than the one we are living.

Imagination and Goal Setting

Imagination may be one of the most powerful forces on earth but it is also one of the most frequently stifled. Many people ignore their own imaginations because there is something in them that whispers, "I could do more," and they lack the belief that that is true.

In fact, I find that most people are not setting goals for what they really want. Instead, they are setting goals for what they think they can have.

Imagine having an idea for a small business.

In our minds, we often say to ourselves, "I am making $72,000 per year or $6,000 per month at my job. I do not know if I can make that same amount starting my own business. In fact, I think I could probably make around $4,000 per month with my new business idea, so I must take a $2,000/month cut in pay in order to open my own business."

This is exactly the kind of thinking that is the reason behind most failures.

What if someone were to tell you that not only can you make as much as you are making now, but you could actually double your present income in the first year if you opened your own business?

You would probably be shocked and ignore such an outrageous claim even though it might be completely possible. Imagination is the key to clearing the hurdles we set for ourselves. Instead of limiting ourselves, our goals should be fueled by our imaginations.

If we ever truly followed our dreams, what would our lives look like?

The Pursuit of Imagination's Goals

It may take some time to get comfortable with the idea of pursuing our imagination's goals. Some people say, "You do not know my imagination; it is wild!" Wild imaginations are what get things done.

Do you think the person who imagined the first moon landing was thinking in the paradigm of the day? That goal seemed far-fetched and unattainable, maybe even "wild," until it was accomplished.

Now when we look back, it seems as if we should have always been going to the moon.

Imagine a person with a lamp in her hand moving around in a dark room. She knows that there is an electrical outlet close by and she searches for it diligently.


Because she is confident that when she plugs in the lamp, she will receive light and everything will be clear.

In some ways, that is how imagination works as well. We may not always see everything clearly at first, but we can move towards our goals with confidence that everything will become clear once we plug-in to the power that is available to us.

Move with confidence towards the things you want. Working with, instead of against, the Laws of the Universe, you can achieve anything!

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