'The Ron Paul Channel' Launching This Summer, Wants You To 'Turn Off Your TV,' 'Turn On The Truth'

Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is taking a crack at being a media mogul with the forthcoming launch of his new venture, "The Ron Paul Channel."

Expected to make a splash sometime this summer -- most likely in August, according to the Daily Caller -- the subscription-only network carries the tag-line, “Turn Off Your TV. Turn On the Truth.” A montage at the sign-up page for "The Ron Paul Channel" promises to deliver the libertarian-leaning Republican's "visionary voice of liberty."

Speaking on the Peter Schiff show on Monday, Paul described his decision to go from politics to punditry.

“I was at a debate one time a couple years ago, where I didn’t think I got a fair shake," he told guest host Tom Woods. "In a two-hour debate, I had 89 seconds. I thought, maybe there’s something wrong with the media. Maybe they’re not covering us fairly. I’m just using it as a pun, but there’s a bit of truth to this. We don’t get a fair shake. The people who believe in liberty and limited government don’t expect it from the ordinary media.”

Paul said he saw an opportunity to spread his message on the Internet, especially among young people.

"They don’t sit and watch TV and turn the programs on at seven o’clock to watch us like that -- so I thought the technology was there," he said. "The country is ripe for the continuation of this revolution."

Paul also said that he'd like to present news that "would never be shown" or discussed on more traditional news outlets. He provided a list of his marquee topics as examples: non-interventionist foreign policy, the wars, spending and the Federal Reserve.

After a 36-year career in Congress, Paul retired last year, months after a failed presidential campaign. The 77-year-old's decision to launch a media venture targeting young viewers, however, is right in line with the strategy behind his most recent run for the White House. In November, Paul again demonstrated that he was happy to embrace the age gap between him and some of his supporters, announcing plans to deliver speeches on college campuses in 2013 and beyond.



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