'The Rosie Show': Jane Fonda On Living With Michael Jackson And Ted Turner (VIDEO)

On "The Rosie Show" (Weeknights, 7PM ET on OWN), Jane Fonda said that she didn't have to prepare at all for her role in "Monster-in-Law." Instead, she found that just being with Ted Turner was preparation enough.

"Not because he's a monster," Fonda clarified. "On the contrary. It's because living with him for ten years I learned that you can be completely outrageous and over the top and be totally lovable."

She had such experiences during her life that she'll remember forever. She talked about skinny dipping with various celebrities, including Michael Jackson. Jackson lived with her for a week, bunking on a mattress on the floor. This was in 1981 during her work on "In Golden Pond" and Jackson in his early 20s coming off the success of his first solo album Off the Wall.

And yet, Fonda revealed discovering a tape recorder that Jackson had underneath his pillow giving him affirmations like "You're a good person. It's gonna be okay." With all the success and accolades he'd achieved to that point, he still struggled with self-doubt and insecurities.

That's something Fonda doesn't struggle with so much. At 73 years old, she's as outspoken as ever, saying on "Piers Morgan Tonight" that all the GOP candidates scare her equally. With two new workout DVDs headed to the shelves, Fonda is clearly not a woman who scares easily.