'The Rover' Trailer Finds Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson On Eerie Australian Outback Manhunt

There's something especially eerie about a manhunt in the Australian Outback. The unreachable horizon and barren plains take on a menacing tone -- or perhaps that's just the vibe they give off in the trailer for "The Rover," the latest movie from "Animal Kingdom" director David Michôd. The trailer starts out with landscape shots juxtaposed with these abridged words from W.B. Yeats' famous apocalyptic poem "The Second Coming": "The center cannot hold / Anarchy is loosed upon the world." What follows is the near-future dystopian story of a loner (Guy Pearce) tracking down the gang that stole his truck. A wounded gang member left behind (Robert Pattinson) joins him in the hunt.

Michôd wrote the screenplay based on a story he developed with Joel Edgerton. The main role in the "Mad Max"-esque chiller was written for Pearce, while some of the movie's supporting characters are portrayed by unprofessional Australian actors. "The Rover" opens in limited release on June 13 and expands wide on June 20.



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