All The Things The Row's New $1500 Nylon Bag Reminds Us Of

Mary-Kate and Ashley's label The Row isn't exactly known for being budget friendly (remember that famous $35,000 backpack?) But now, the fashion moguls have outdone themselves by creating a bag made out of nylon that retails for $1,550. Yes, you read that right. For the price of approximately 150 manicures you can have one of your very own The Row nylon bags. Here it is:

sling bag

But wait, maybe we're being too hard on the bag. After all, nylon is an extremely useful material that has a broad range of uses, for things like:



Sleeping bags

sleeping bags

Tablecloths from children's birthday parties

birthday party



Track pants

track pants





So it's kind of worth the cost, right? Of course, if you can't afford to drop a month's rent on a nylon bag, may we suggest going to your local Whole Foods and picking up a reusable shopping bag, made of the same material, which at just $9, costs 0.58 percent of The Row's version.


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