The Royals Make A Perfect Observation About Mental Health

Conversation is everything.
Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just keep delivering when it comes to spreading awareness about mental health.

The duo stopped by BBC Radio 1 in the U.K. today to talk about their mental health charity Heads Together, joke around (the couple would certainly make excellent radio DJs in another life) and impart some much-needed wisdom on psychological well-being.

Prince William stressed that it’s vital for people to recognize that mental health should not be considered a stigmatized topic given how common conditions like depression or anxiety are around the world.

“It’s been really eye opening for us seeing just how much this issue of mental health is really brimming under the surface of public consciousness,” he said. “I equate it to a boiling pan of soup with the lid on. We’ve just taken the lid off... It’s just a case of trying to get people to have a conversation and realize that emotions are not a bad thing. We’ve all got emotions and we need to speak about them.

The duchess agreed, adding that just being able to talk about mental health can make a difference when it comes to recovery and managing a condition.

“I met one young mother who said for her it was like medicine,” Kate said. “It just shows you in moments like that how powerful just starting talking to people can be.”

The interview is part of a media blitz in which the royal couple has been working to spread mental health awareness. Earlier this week, William spoke publicly with Lady Gaga (who is also an advocate for mental health) about shame and stigma keep people with disorders like PTSD from telling others that they’re struggling.

“It’s time that everyone speaks up and feels very normal about mental health,” he said during the chat. “It’s the same as physical health.”

It’s encouraging to see such high-profile people be so genuinely dedicated to this cause. Applause all around.

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