The Safest Cars For Teens And Elderly (VIDEO)

Consumer Reports September issue details the safest cars for the two most accident-prone demographics: teens and elderly.

In an interview with CBS News, David Champion, senior director of Consumer Reports Auto Test Division, chose the Mazda 3 and Honda Accord for teens. The senior list includes the Suburu Forrester, Hyundai Azera and Honda Accord.

In choosing the safest cars for teens, Champion said the best technology to look out for was electronic stability control, which applies a brake to the wheels if the car starts to careen sideways.

"It's the best safety feature since seat belts," he said.

He also paid attention to horsepower ("you don't want to give them too much"), solid airbags and good crash-test results.

Champion also advised parents not to fall into the trap of giving their kids the "old car," which usually don't contain all the latest safety features such as electronics stability control.

In choosing cars for seniors, key factors included ease of entering the car, good visibility, roomy driving positions and low waistlines.

For a full report, check out the September issue of Consumer Reports on sale at newsstands.

WATCH CBS' interview with CR's Champion here: