The Sarah Palin Brand: Business Experts Weigh In

Today, when it comes to Palin, the question on most Americans' minds is, "Will she or won't she?" The Tea Party continues to build momentum and has positioned Republicans to potentially win back Congress in November -- a political storm fueled, in part, by Palin's endorsements -- and some now see her as a presumptive presidential candidate in 2012.

The charismatic former governor of Alaska is now one of the most recognizable women in America -- and has parlayed the "Sarah Inc." brand into a variety of business ventures. And despite being considered a key factor in John McCain's failed bid for the presidency, her newfound political clout has come, ironically, from her successes in the corporate world.

Taking an unknown startup brand and making it a household name seemingly overnight? Sounds like a familiar entrepreneurial story to us. So we asked our Board of Directors for their take on Palin -- and whether they would consider her an entrepreneur.

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