The Sartorialist: "I'm Pretty Good At The Sex"

The Globe and Mail caught up with The Sartorialist Scott Schuman last weekend, who talked about fashion photography, his upcoming book and...his love life:

I'm pretty good at the sex. And pretty good at picture taking. That's about it.

Schuman, who started out as a fashion marketer, transformed into a style icon with the help of a camera and a blog in 2005. He started by snapping portraits but his brand evolved into capturing street style. As for the sex part, he's currently dating French fashion photographer Garance Dore.

Schuman remarked that fashion legend status doesn't come easily.

I work my ass off. I was up last night and I shot all day for these commercial projects. The money I make from Burberry, Adidas and will make it possible for me to go to fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Stockholm, Australia - but also to places like Peru, Laos, Tibet. I want to mix in national indigenous style. I want to be able to look back at my pictures and say this was a snapshot, not a report, of my vision when I visited.

He said that he -- and his Canon EOS 5D Mark II -- are always looking to shoot the next set of surprises.

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