The Sartorialist For AOL On Debuts Its Milan Episode

We couldn't think of a more perfect timing. Just as you are reveling in the beautiful street style New York Fashion Week has to offer, popular fashion blogger, Scott Schuman -- he of "The Sartorialist," joins the AOL On family with his brand new series, "The Sartorialist for AOL On."

In the first episode, Schuman explores the street style and the fashion choices of some of his good friends in Milan. Check out the video above for some beautiful shots and interesting perspectives on the meaning of style, like this choice quote from Schuman:

"When I'm taking a photograph of someone, I like to create my own image of who this person is. As much as I'd like to say that these photographs are about style, whether it's a guy or a girl, it's really about desire. The clothes just help create that desire."

And for the latest street style from NYFW:

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