The School of the Heartist -- Days of Founding a New School

Yanna Bat Adam's Solo exhibition. Yuba harvest art Gallery, Oregon House, CA.
Photo - Radu Sava Visuals.

As I was taking down a lovely solo exhibition I had mounted in the local art gallery, I realized it was the end of an era...

For 30 years I had successfully made my living in the art marketplace, but the tide was now going out. That strenuous mode of life no longer suited me. Whispering to me in the winds came a voice saying that it was time for me to share the wisdom and techniques that had enabled me to be successful -- wisdom and techniques related to a spiritual dimension that is the true wellspring of creativity not just in art, but in every field. It was time for me to speak more directly than I could with paintings - to speak with living people -- in particular, those for whom creativity is a strong impulse that is sometimes problematic.

I could see that the unfolding of my career had been parallel to the unfolding of a spiritual and emotional process, and that this process involved many thousands of millions of very intentional breaths I had taken. Breaths that had purified me, opened the doors of inspiration and given me a unique perspective on how art fits into our lives as creators, and as people who live together in this world, in these times.

Thus it was that I founded The School of the Heartist.

What is this school?

It is an energy field that nourishes the emotional Self and inspires people to connect to their higher Creative Source...

A container that provides practical tools to creatively use any physical or emotional pain or distress as raw material for your inner growth.

A place that will inspire you to discover the language of your highest desire -- to know and experience the source of the One created you, and your ability to in turn create what your gifts have prepared you for.

The School of the Heartist will teach you not just how to unlock the floodgates of your personal Creativity, but also how to create the ultimate artwork -- which is your Soul

Some of the practical tools that we use include:

Tuning in to the music and transformative magic of Breath.

Coloring our thoughts with the wisdom of traditions such as the Fourth Way and the science of Kabbalah.

Interacting with a growing community of Heartists who can support your growth and give you an authentic mirror to your highest possibilities.

*by Anicca, Heart of the Matter, detail with added text. 2009 Mixed media on canvas, 24 x 24 inches.

Who is The School of the Heartist for?

For any person who feels the need to develop the highest in man and in woman, and manifest it in a personal way.

For creators from all disciplines: artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and sculptors who want to move to a new level in their Creative endeavors. And for the inner artist who lies at the heart of even "non-artistic" pursuits, whether it be business, agriculture, healing...

For anyone who wants to follow his Heart, or her Heart, but don't have a clue how.
I invite you to visit me.

The School of the Heartist is an on-line weekly teaching that will gather Heartists from all over the globe, creating a community of artists who will collaborate on a personal, practical and universal spiritual level.

These artists will herald the voice of the new world to come -- a Conscious society governed by the values of loving your neighbor as you love YourSelf.