The Sea Is My Brother: Lost Jack Kerouac Novel Published

'The Sea is My Brother' offers new insight into the work of famed author Jack Kerouac, according to the book's editor who spoke with Metro U.K.

"It changes our view of Kerouac," Dawn Ward said of the book, which was written 15 years prior to Kerouac's seminal 1957 novel 'On the Road.' "You see him trying the spontaneous composition style much earlier than people thought."

The manuscript, thought to have been lost for good, was discovered by Kerouac's brother-in-law and came as a surprise to Kerouac experts, reports the BBC.

Not everyone thinks the late beatnik author would have been amused by the decision to release 'The Sea is My Brother.' In an interview with Australia's ABC News, Kerouac's biographer, Gerald Nicosia, says the iconic author was never very impressed with his first novel. "He actually called it, and this was a quote, he said it's a crock ... meaning a crock of s***,' Nicosia told the Australian news outlet. 'He said it's a crock as literature.'