The Second City Spoofs Anti-Obamacare Conservatives Threatening To Move To Canada (VIDEO)

WATCH: When 'I'm Moving To Canada' Goes Wrong

As our own Dan Treadway recently pointed out, for Americans who don't like Obama's health care plan, there are plenty of countries to move to where they don't shove health care down your throat.

And no, Canada isn't one of them.

The age-old, "I'm moving to Canada if ___ passes" argument has been thrown around a lot by Republicans and Democrats alike over the years, but in the case of Obamacare, our neighbor to the North simply won't do. In the sketch above from The Second City Network, one young conservative learns the hard way that most industrialized nations actually do care about the health of their citizens.

Don't worry, though. There are still plenty of countries where you can't get healthcare no matter how hard you try. Now that's freedom!

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