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The Secret IM Conversations: Bush seeks advice from Clinton

LadeezMan42: man she mus b sum hot chickKickass43: harriet?? roflLadeezMan42: how else a chick like dat get SCOTUSKickass43: its not like dat dude
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Kickass43: yo bill
Kickass43: u up
LadeezMan42: man im always up
LadeezMan42: whazzup witu
LadeezMan42: aint it past yr bedtime :)
Kickass43: laura kickd me out
LadeezMan42: been there dude
Kickass43: sed my tossin n turnin keepin her up
LadeezMan42: in my case theres uslly a flyin lamp involved
Kickass43: LOL
LadeezMan42: y dont u go down 2 the alley
LadeezMan42: bowl a few frames
LadeezMan42: order in sum dominos
LadeezMan42: thats wat i did wen nuffin else wuz goin on
LadeezMan42: man i miss dat
Kickass43: dont like bowlin alone
Kickass43: used to bowl with harriet
Kickass43: shes not talkin 2 me
Kickass43: ever since i sed i made a miztake
LadeezMan42: been THERE dude
Kickass43: dont kno wat 2 do
LadeezMan42: man she mus b sum hot chick
Kickass43: harriet??
Kickass43: rofl
LadeezMan42: how else a chick like dat get SCOTUS
LadeezMan42: wat she do 2 u?
LadeezMan42: its always the quiet 1s
LadeezMan42: the quote unquote librarians
LadeezMan42: theyr WILDCATS
Kickass43: its not like dat dude
LadeezMan42: the closet in the map room rite?
LadeezMan42: man i can SEE it
Kickass43: its NOT LIKE DAT
Kickass43: K???
LadeezMan42: k
LadeezMan42: sry
LadeezMan42: but it had 2 b sumpin like dat rite?
LadeezMan42: its SCOTUS man
LadeezMan42: even my hottest chicks only got state jobs
LadeezMan42: xept monica
LadeezMan42: she gotta old poetry book of hillarys
LadeezMan42: sum cheapsh** bling & like a tshirt
Kickass43: wuz nuffin like dat
Kickass43: nuffin i sed
LadeezMan42: nuffin?
LadeezMan42: ???
LadeezMan42: :O
LadeezMan42: u nuts man
LadeezMan42: u mus b smokin sum crazy stuff
Kickass43: ill b honest witu
Kickass43: my old man sed i shd talk 2 u
Kickass43: ask u wat 2 do
LadeezMan42: ur old man rox
LadeezMan42: luv dat guy
Kickass43: i kno
Kickass43: ur like big buds now
Kickass43: he dont want 2 golf wit me no more
Kickass43: hes like hangin wit the cool kids
LadeezMan42: katrina wuz awesum
LadeezMan42: u shoulda seen it dude
Kickass43: i DID see it
LadeezMan42: o yeh
LadeezMan42: forgot
Kickass43: so wat do i do
Kickass43: need yr help man
LadeezMan42: thats a joke
LadeezMan42: wat if the dems get whiff of it
Kickass43: not good 4 me 2
LadeezMan42: yeh but im like a hero now
LadeezMan42: im the frikkin good ol days
LadeezMan42: 1st time in my life ive got dough
LadeezMan42: its falling outta my freakin pockets
LadeezMan42: all these speeches
LadeezMan42: btw thanx 4 the tax cut
LadeezMan42: so if u screwup we r all toast
LadeezMan42: not 2 mention hillary mite actlly win
LadeezMan42: i aint no 1st man if u kno wat im sayin
LadeezMan42: just dont tell any1
LadeezMan42: k??
Kickass43: k
Kickass43: thanx
LadeezMan42: k so wat ur posse tellin u 2 do
Kickass43: theyr like all bout 2 b indicted
Kickass43: an the girlfriends aint speakin 2 me
Kickass43: theyr like hangin in the bathroom wit harriet
LadeezMan42: im havin like majr dejavu
Kickass43: wish harriet wd just say thanx but no thanx u kno :(
LadeezMan42: once u give these girls sumpin u cant nvr ask for it back
LadeezMan42: they wont give it 2 u
LadeezMan42: man they wont even dryclean it
Kickass43: my base is fumin
Kickass43: im like trust me
Kickass43: its not workin
LadeezMan42: im srry but thats soooo lame
LadeezMan42: they aint gonna trust you
LadeezMan42: no 1 evr trustd me
LadeezMan42: but i did wat i liked
LadeezMan42: u evr hear me ask for trust??
Kickass43: no
LadeezMan42: ive had nuff lamps thrown at my hed k
Kickass43: k
LadeezMan42: like NVR say trust me
LadeezMan42: thats yr 1st problem
LadeezMan42: 2nd is u guys r fightin like a bunch of hall monitors
LadeezMan42: gotta knock the sh** outta yr critics
LadeezMan42: not wid this sexist elitist bullsh**
LadeezMan42: gives me bad donna shalala flashbax
LadeezMan42: save that sh** 4 the dems
LadeezMan42: srsly u gotta hit hard
Kickass43: like wat
LadeezMan42: dirty sh** man
LadeezMan42: remembr dat willey chicks cat
Ladeezman42: cats with skidmarks send the msg dude
Ladeezman42: as 4 harriet
LadeezMan42: howz her health :)
Kickass43: !!
Kickass43: :O
Kickass43: cant go there man!!!
LadeezMan42: yes u can
LadeezMan42: get creative
LadeezMan42: duz the agency got sum advance copies of dat bird flu
Kickass43: I wd nvr do dat!!!
LadeezMan42: not u frat boy
LadeezMan42: 1 of yr pals
Kickass43: i dont have pals like dat!
LadeezMan42: how u guys won 04 beats the crap outta me
Kickass43: i jus need harriet 2 step down
Kickass43: dont need 2 frikkin off her
Kickass43: shes a sweet lttle lady
Kickass43: heck she duz meals on wheels
LadeezMan42: if u dont take care of it ill haf 2 ok?
LadeezMan42: cuz this is real bad 4 me
LadeezMan42: it ttlly sux
LadeezMan42: c wat im sayin dude?!!!!
LadeezMan42: u gotta fix dis!!
Kickass43: ill c wat i can do
Kickass43: but no1s gonna hurt her
LadeezMan42: fine do it yr way
LadeezMan42: u can always cum up wit a scandal
LadeezMan42: mayb shes a secret boozer & gambler
LadeezMan42: holyrollers hate dat sh**
LadeezMan42: remember john tower?
Kickass43: ok ok
Kickass43: jus leave it 2 me
Hillary08: y r u still up?
LadeezMan42: jus goin 2 bed hon
Hillary08: wat r u up 2
LadeezMan42: nuffin
LadeezMan42: nuffin at all
Hillary08: srsly?
LadeezMan42: srsly
LadeezMan42: u gotta trust me on this 1 babe

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