The Secret of Millions of Minds That Stay Forever Young

The greatest minds in human history understood the importance of learning to accelerate creativity, self-expansion and personal growth. The continuous exploration of ideas through books keep you forever young. Research shows that one hour of study per day will put you at the top of your field within three years. Within five years you will become a national authority and in seven years you can be among the best in the world. As Charlie Stegemoeller, NASA Human Space Flight mission expert wrote in NASA's official leadership magazine: "growth can occur by making a few smart career choices wisely, but is primarily achieved through learning".

Education is a continuous process and not an end result. You are either learning or you are not learning. Reading is probably the only reliable process that is consciously fueling your creativity and your power to innovate, because the more you explore the more you discover, the more you discover the more you know, and the more you know the more you can combine into new, creative solutions. Albert Einstein regarded wisdom not as a product of schooling but "of the life long attempt to acquire it".

If our lives are 5% driven by our conscious minds and 95% by our subconscious minds, the ongoing process of reading new books actually develops both our conscious and subconscious realms. You become consciously aware of new information, of new possibilities available and of new empowering ways of seeing the world. In the background, the subconscious mind is simultaneously rewriting its own software code. As it receives ongoing new data from the environment - consciously selected books instead of media and internet junk - it expands and allows previously inaccessible possibilities for your life. As you keep on adding and accepting new information, it will no longer drive you through the old paradigms unconsciously learned and accepted from your environment but will begin sustaining you and automatically pull you towards freedom into the direction of your greatest dreams. And on a day just like any other day you will find yourself living a new life that will be the result of you becoming the embodiment of the very wisdom that you have gathered through long periods of exploration and diligent learning.

"It is what you read when you don't have to
that determines what you will be when you can't help it"

- Oscar Wilde

Passionate continuous learning is also the secret to eternal youth, the honored mystery that the ancient alchemists yearned to discover. No matter what age you are, when you stop learning and exploring, you instantly begin to grow old because reality now will rush by you and will leave you living in the past based on a truth that has now become a lie and in a world that no longer exists.
Isaac Asimov, one of world's greatest Sci-Fi authors firmly believed that "self-education is the only kind of education there is." The best investment you can make in this lifetime is an investment in the expansion of your mind.

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos