The Secret of Waking Up Early

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Early morning is the best time to do creative work, to exercise, to meditate and to get a head start on the proceedings of the day. You can get a lot done during those early hours because it's almost completely distraction-free time.

But still people don't make use of this wonderful time because they find it hard to wake up early. Waking up early is right up there, along with exercising, losing weight and quitting cigarettes, as the most popular New Year's resolutions that people make. It's something that everybody wants to do but very few seem to be able to actually do it.

There is one simple thing that you can do to make sure that you always wake up early. It's a secret that is so ridiculously simple and easy to do and yet, when you understand the logic behind it, so powerful that it will give you the ability to wake up early with ease starting from tomorrow.

Here's the secret: Take intensive deep breaths as soon as you wake up.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Too simple, in fact, so much that you might not even be impressed. But before you rule it out, read about the logic behind this simple secret.

The problem most people have in waking up early is that when the alarm goes off and they hit the snooze button, their mind is still in a haze. In that early morning half asleep, zombie-like state, it's hard to convince yourself to get out of bed and do whatever it is you want to do. Instead, your brain rationalizes and convinces you why the best thing to do is to stay in bed and sleep for a few more minutes.

This happens because our brain doesn't boot up as soon as we wake up. It takes time to wake up, and that time is enough for us to fall back asleep. When we fall asleep, our body goes into a slowdown mode. Our heart rate decreases, our breathing slows down and our brain activity decreases. We need very little energy and oxygen to survive, and so all our processes slow down.

Oxygen is the main regulator of this process. That's why if you are working in a confined space with low oxygen levels, you can start feeling sluggish and sleepy. In the morning, there is a lag between when we wake up and when our brain returns to full functionality, and it depends on the time it takes for the body to inhale enough oxygen to bring all the other processes to full speed.

These scientific facts lead to the simple logical conclusion that in order to speed up the booting time of the brain, you need to inhale a lot of oxygen as quickly as possible.

You can try it yourself tomorrow morning and if you do, you'll find that by taking deep breaths quickly in the morning you'll feel fully awake in 30 to 45 seconds! You'll feel the oxygen rushing through your body and your brain will be on high alert within a minute from waking up. Once your brain is fully awake, it will be much easier to get out of bed and your brain will have no time to offer you any rationalizations about being lazy.

If you try this simple hack even once. You'll be amazed by the result and never have any trouble with waking up on time ever again.

Serial entrepreneur and author Faisal Hoque is the founder of SHADOKA and other companies. Shadoka's portfolio of companies (R&D driven products, services, and thought leadership) accelerates individual and organizational sustainable growth. Author of several books, his newest book is "Everything Connects -- How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability" (McGraw Hill, Spring 2014).