The Secret Policy

Change, the overrated subject of millions of articles, blogs, and videos over the internet is indeed the star of this article too (wink wink)!  Why oh why another article on change, you might be thinking.  If that’s the case, then this isn’t the article for you, but you’re totally welcome to stay and be amazed at what you learn.

So what is it about this six lettered word which people "try" their best to run away from? Take a pause and think about it.  Is it the fear of the unknown?  The idea of being uncomfortable?  The feeling of leaving the familiarity zone?  Or is it the sense of instability which one might face but which also deprives millions and millions of people from hitting back at life with powerful punches and walking forward with complete oneness and happiness.  Do any of these ring a bell?  Let’s be honest here. It’s a combination of all of these unnecessary blockages which we create in our heads.  Yes, I did say “blockages which WE create”.  You, yes YOU, did create these ideas, thoughts, and feelings.  So if you could create these, you can also recreate.  But you might not want to recreate with the same old beliefs, attitudes, perspectives, thoughts, and ways.  At this point you may be thinking, so how do I embrace this big bad monster? Okay, so I'll just give you the simple and easily understood yet not easily adopted answer, embrace the liberating ‘0  F**** Given’ policy' and apply it to every person, situation, or circumstance, which robs you of your peace, sleep, smiles, health, and happiness and isn’t of any benefit to you. I can almost hear you mumbling to yourselves as you read this, "how do I just not care about what the world and it’s people throw at me and will that really help me to embrace change"? The answer, YES.  The faster we learn to ignore the irrelevant and focus on the relevant, the easier it is for us to effortlessly accept change and work with it like the bff co-worker on your team.

I will now shine a bright crystal light on the power of the amazing ‘0 F**** Given’ policy’.  You see, whatever we give power to has power over us.  Correct?  So why would you give your power to negative situations, negative people, and unfavorable circumstances?  Giving power to negativity only holds us back from looking at and accepting change with a positive outlook.  Giving power to those who do not support you only lessens your chances of seeing change through the eyes of new opportunities, happiness, and progression.  See, we can only embrace change with complete self- love, a fearless approach, and with an attitude of gratitude.  Yes I did make the process of embracing change more complicated by bringing in self-love and gratitude into the equation because without these, some of life's changes (especially the unseen or uncomfortable changes) may lead to self-destruction tendencies, which believe me, have no place in your amazing life. So set the self-love and gratitude mode on autopilot because it’s just that important in your chances of success to thrive with life’s changes.  Now going back to the ‘0 F**** Given’ policy’, you see, only when we learn to not feed the unwanted energies, we will be able to welcome the new phases, chapters, and wonderful opportunities in our lives with complete peace and faith. Whenever life throws a sour turn, apply the policy, inhale & exhale, wink, smile, and be on your way with a positive perspective.  Change is an opportunity to do something different, experience newer things, grow, and become wiser. You know you’re an expert at change when you no longer feed into  anything which doesn’t serve you (including anger, resentment, frustration, tears, stress, loss of sleep, etc. ), form positive perspectives, are grateful  for new beginnings and better opportunities, and are able to create your life according to your own desires regardless of all the curves and twists life throws at you, and using those curves and twists as stepping stones of the change you want to bring into your life.  You are powerful my friend; More powerful than the change which is coming at you because you have the power to embrace it and cultivate it into anything you want!

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