The Secret Relevance of Glenn Beck's 9/11 Show REVEALED

The man promoting Saturday's Glenn Beck / Sarah Palin event in Anchorage says it has nothing to do with sucking blood from the World Trade Center dead.

(Christopher) Cox said the date of the event is a coincidence. Cox originally was eyeing Sept. 4, but did not want to compete with the Alaska State Fair, and moved the date to a week later, which worked out better for Beck as well.

"And you know what, it's a great date for me, for America, for Alaska," Cox said.

An "off-ish" day for the passengers of American Airlines Flights 11 and 77 and United Airlines Flights 175 and 93.

It's just another crazy, fluky, menological mix-up for Beck, like honoring himself at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of "I have a dream."

Which, you may recall, was just a happy accident too.

Glenn Beck didn't even realize September 11th was the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. He thinks of it as the day after the Alaska State Fair.

Anyway, get over it. You can't go around seeing dark symbolism and hidden patterns of meaning everywhere, or you'll end up counting clues about communism in the murals at Rockefeller Center. Like Glenn Beck does.

Speaking of subtext, here's a funny song that Tea Party patriots have enjoyed live at their rallies and over 4 million times on YouTube.

The surfeited lump singing it calls Obama "The Great Reneger" ten times, each time with greater self-delight. But it's just a coincidence that "reneger" kind of sounds like something else. Not racist, just serendipitiously hilarious!

Christopher Cox says he has no idea what's on the playlist for Beck's show. Or even what Beck wants to say. It'll just be "whatever he's led to talk about." And Sarah Palin, of course, introducing Beck, will read whatever's written on her hand.

Maybe something like this:

The public, which is feeble-minded like an idiot, will never be able to preserve its individual reactions from the tricks of the exploiter. The public is always exploited and always will be exploited. The methods of exploitation merely vary. Today the public is tickled into laying the golden egg. With imaginative words and individual meanings it is tricked into giving the great goose-cackle of mob-acquiescence. Vox populi, vox Dei. It has always been so, and will always be so. The mass is forever vulgar, because it can't distinguish between its own original feelings and the feelings which are diddled into existence by the exploiter.

It would be eerie if she chose those words, because a lot of them run nine and ten letters. And eerier still, because they say everything you need to say about Beck's people, and they were written by D.H. Lawrence.

Who was born 125 years ago, today, September 11th.

What a weird coincidence!

I'll bet that's the surprise Beck and Palin are going to be talking about.

Lemme hear it, Alaska! Are you ready for a diddlin'?