The Secret Side of Gemini: The Case of the Naughty Governor

If you ever want to keep a relationship going with a Gemini, you've got to remember one thing: Neverlisten in on their phone conversations. Eliot Spitzer is a Gemini.
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If you ever want to keep a relationship going with a Gemini, you've got to remember one thing: Never EVER listen in on their phone conversations. Otherwise you'll think they are nothing but a bunch of wacked-out schizos and two-timing rats. That's not necessarily true, though. When dealing with Geminis, remember that when they are in front of you they usually say what they mean and they mean what they say at that exact moment. There's always another side to them they would rather not show you, however, mainly because it is usually diametrically opposed to the image they have created in their relationship with you. It doesn't always mean that they are insincere, fraudulent shape shifters who say one thing, do another.

They would rather not embarrass you or themselves with revealing their darker, more primitive streaks, which they all have, which WE all have as well. They would rather be able to act out their less appropriate, more anti-social sides elsewhere, and then be able to make it home for dinner without even a smudge on their collar.

Of course that means you are going to have to either hold them to your own standard of correct behavior, and what you judge to be appropriate, or recognize that what you consider cheating or hypocritical, might be a Gemini's way of protecting you from one part of their truth you can't handle.

That's the irony. When you choose a Gemini, you're eventually going to have to come face to face with your own behavioral disparities and ambivalence. You'll have to confront the fact that people, all people, are both civilized and uncivilized. And while you are judging or condemning them for their two-faced hypocrisy, you also have to look at your own actions to see how much of your own darker side you conceal from the people you are trying to win over and convince of your goodness, honesty and sincerity.

Eve, of "The Three Faces of Eve" could perhaps have been a Gemini. "Sybil" with the twelve personalities was maybe a Gemini. One thing we can say for sure, though: Governor Eliot Spitzer is a Gemini. One side of him is as straight as an arrow. In astrology it's called Saturn in Capricorn and it usually symbolizes the stern but pillar of the community and staunchly demanding and upright father type. Spitzer was also born with a huge cluster of planets in the signs of Leo and Scorpio, and that combination usually produces rebellion from such a traditional, conservative and confining image. In fact, it produces a primitive jungle creature, wired for two things: survival and mating. So it's always got to be hard when someone is trying to be the pillar of the community and is also constantly horny. Going after prostitutes reveals a side of him he'd probably love to eliminate but can't. He loves it and he hates it. Two sides of a Gemini nature at war with each other: passion and social appropriateness. If we scratch the surface of any highly motivated public personality, check their underwear and listen in to their private conversations, would we be blown away when we learned what they would never want us to see? What should we do about personality conflicts in the people we look up to and admire? Do we throw away all our standards and let it all hang out and to hell with what we have always come to think of as proper conduct and righteous behavior? Or do we hold people in public positions to higher standards? Good questions, but more to the point, when confronting a Gemini, you have to ask yourself this whopper: If the behavior you yourself are hiding from someone in your life right now were exposed, how would you want that person to handle it?

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