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The Secret To Bringing Your Dead Pairs Of Shoes Back To Life

How can you make those hot, sexy, drop dead pair of shoes or any pair of shoes that make you look great but feel terrible on your feet be comfortable for an evening out on the town or an important event?
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It's a new year, one month down and every woman has their new year's resolutions embedded in their minds as to what they will to do to improve from last year. The list is endless eat healthier, make more money and start a new exercise program, are just a few of the goals probably on their, to do list. However, buying or wearing more sensible shoes is probably not on anybody's list.

Every women has shoes in there closet that are essentially dead because they are not comfortable and were bought for emotional reasons such as I just can't live without them, they go with my new dress or they will work for that event that is next week. They may be a little too big, too narrow or do not have adequate arch support. Sad to say but these shoes usually go into the dead pile because they were too painful to wear and almost crippled you. Unless another special event comes up and you are willing to pay the price for one more evening they may never be worn again.

So, how can you make those hot, sexy, drop dead pair of shoes or any pair of shoes that make you look great but feel terrible on your feet be comfortable for an evening out on the town or an important event?

Why should you have to bring a pair of flats to change into during some point of your evening or event? Just so you can walk without pain!

There is no secret to walking pain free and bringing your uncomfortable pairs of shoes back to life so you can put them back into the rotation!

The most common complaints that my patients have when it comes to why their feet hurt when wearing those killer shoes is arch cramps, redness and swelling in the great toe joint and burning pain in the ball of the foot. Feet come in different sizes and shapes often with a few lumps and bumps in all the wrong places that can get irritated and make your life miserable creating the dead shoe pile.

These problems are often triggered by the design of the footwear which cannot adequately accommodate the shape of your feet. Your killer shoes can be too narrow or too wide, lack proper arch support or have to steep a pitch which can throw your foot forward and place stress in the arch and joints of your foot. Feet were not designed to be elevated above the ground at an acute angle on a thin pedestal for long periods of time.

The answer to bringing your shoes back to life and to walk pain free is simply by placing an arch support into the arch area of your shoes, one which will not take up to much room and will not make you buy a larger pair of shoes to accommodate them. These types of products can make a huge difference in your life and eliminate your arch, joint and burning pain in the ball of your foot. They will prevent your arch from collapsing, support the joints in your foot and keep your foot from sliding forward. They can be found on line using key words such as foot support, foot arch support, arch supports, arch support, instant arches, arch support inserts, arch support insoles, arch support shoes or you can have a professional foot specialist such as a podiatrist make custom orthotics for your shoes.

Resuscitating your dead shoes and giving them new life will allow you to make a fashion statement and walk happily ever after in comfort once again!


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