The Secret to Hyper-Growth for Coaches and Consultants

Steven Briginshaw is an international bestselling author, award winning entrepreneur and business mentor. He’s a former chartered accountant and has worked with small businesses since 2000. He helps accountants, entrepreneurial professionals and practitioners (coaches, trainers, therapists, healers) to stop selling time for money and build an impact making business that isn’t dependent on them.

Are you a coach or consultant? Do you want the specific steps for how to achieve your first million while creating a bigger impact? Then this article is for you.


A key belief that Steven feels made him more successful is: It’s ok to do it right the first time!


1. Listen to your market

2. Track business numbers

3. Make sure you get at least one thing every day that gets you closer to your goal


1. Make of list of 10 great prior clients

2. Connect with them in some way

3. Give them a sincere pitch that will help them get to their next level


As a legacy, Steven wants to see entrepreneurship as a viable choice for everyone and give them the access to the steps to build an impact making business. Click here to listen to more of JV Crum III interviewing Steven on the Conscious Millionaire Show.

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