The Secret to Overcoming Fear

The Secret to Overcoming Fear
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Dim the lights.

Almost every light switch in my home has a dimmer switch attached to it. Essentially, every light in my house could be on, yet we would have the option to amp up the wattage at full blast or decide to dim the lights and create ambiance. These lights and the power we give to them have the ability to dictate our moods, raise or lower our energy levels, and reveal our surroundings ranging from invisible and dark to amplified and bright. What is worthy to note here is the wide array of options that a dimmer switch provides us with.

Dim the lights.

Just what do dimmer switches and fears have in common?

The mutual link between them is located in our power of choice. We own the lights in our homes. We own our fears. That dimmer switch provides us with the chance to dial down both.

We need light to see in the dark and we need light to see out of the dark to side step whatever may be holding us back or blinding us from actionable change and transformation. That light can be full throttle or seductively dimmed. It is our choice how we wish to illuminate our limiting beliefs and uncertainties. It is our choice how we want to light up a room. Some days may have us letting in maximum light, some days running for cover. On each of those days, the good and the bad, we have the ability to switch our thinking, to alter our landscape, to change perspectives in order to allow light or fear in, or to block more out. We make decisions from a place of love, abundance, and light or we make decisions from a place of fear. Fear based decisions have us overthinking usually with little action. Love and abundant based decisions have us taking action, celebrating growth, and experiencing outcomes.

Dim the lights.

Here is your DIY (Do It Yourself) Dimmer Switch Solution:

The next time you are anxious or worried and letting your fears get in the way of your successes, remember your own personal dimmer switch. Even if you do not physically have dimmer switches on your lights at home, envision that you do. Picture this switch as a tool that you carry around with you. A power tool to fear “less.”

Now imagine that your dimmer switch is in the on position. Imagine that the knob is pushed all the way up letting in maximum light into your life. Look around your imaginary “room.” You should be able to see everything so vividly that the light almost hurts your eyes. That light represents everything on your plate of life.

You get to decide how bright or how subdued you want the light to be. You get to decide how much fear gets in or how much fear gets blocked. Now use your switch and take your fears and doubts down a notch. Imagine that you are manually controlling them with your personal dimmer switch. How bright do you want the lights? Just like you can control the glow of your actual light fixtures, you can also control the amount of fear you are letting into any given situation.

Now that you have set your dimmer switch…what is different for you? How do you feel harnessing the control switch to your fears? Is it allowing you to fear “less?”

Dim the fear. Amp up the power of change.

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